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CAP Mentor Services

Freshmen/Sophomore Appointments

Successful students surround themselves with other successful students. As a freshmen or sophomore, find a mentor who has joined a student organization, completed a study abroad, or completed an internship in an area you also have interest. Here are some suggested questions to ask your mentor the first time you meet with them:

  • The Freshmen/Sophomore Year. If you could go back and do your freshmen/sophomore year over, what would you do the same? What would you change?
  • Resume Critique. Can you help me create a new resume or critique my old resume?
  • Leadership Mock Interview. I have an upcoming interview with student organization X. Can you assist me in preparing for this?
  • Florida Leadership Academy Preparation. Please provide a resume critique, mock FLA interview, and review my personal statement.
  • Internship Preparation. What preparation can I do now to better my chances at obtaining a future internship?

Junior Year Internships

Most internships really aren’t internships, they are three month job interviews. How do students find an internship? How do they prepare for acquiring one? What should they expect on an internship? CAP mentors answer these types of questions when meeting with their mentees over the course of the junior year. Here are some additional questions juniors typically work with their mentor on:

  • Career Showcase Prep. I need help developing and practice my 60-second career commercial. What do students normally say to a recruiter? What should I avoid?
  • Locating Internships. What are the best resources for finding an internship locally or nationally?
  • Internship Preparation. What preparation can I do now to better my chances at obtaining a future internship?
  • Mock Interviews. I have a few internship interviews coming up, can you provide me one or two mock interviews for each one?
  • Resume Critique. Can you help me create a new resume or critique my old resume?

Career Services

Most business majors meet with their CAP mentor at least two or three times each term to increase their professionalism in anticipation of acquiring a great internship. Regardless of your classification, any business majors can meet with a mentor of their choice to receive professional assistance with the following services:

  • Internship Acquisition Strategies
    • How do I find an internship in my interest area of X, field Y, or within industry Z?
    • What resources should I utilize to find an internship in my major?
    • How can I obtain an internships oversees? What if I want to work in a different state?
    • Where do I find local internships around Gainesville?
  • Resumes & Effective Cover Letters
    • What do recruiters want to see on a resume? Does my formatting really matter?
    • How can I avoid looking bad and avoid making mistakes on a cover letter?
    • In what ways can I highlight my strengths and market my experiences to better meet an employer's needs?
  • Customizing a LinkedIn Profile
    • Why should I make a LinkedIn profile? Do recruiters really use this?
    • How do I network using LinkedIn? I heard this is a great source to meet professionals.
    • How can I make my profile standout? What are the most important areas to emphasize?
    • Is it bad if I don't join any LinkedIn groups?
  • Creating a Career Commercial or 60-Second Elevator Pitch
    • How long should my elevator pitch last? What components should I include?
    • I always get nervous talking to recruiters, how can I minimize my nerves while talking to them?
    • What is the most important thing to include in a career commercial?
    • Career Showcase is coming up, can you help me practice?
  • Mock Interviews
    • What are some of the most common interview questions?
    • What is the dumbest thing you have done in an interview? What is the best thing you have done in an interview?
    • Can you provide me a mock interview and critique my performance?
    • What's the difference between behavioral and technical interview questions?
  • Leadership Positions on Campus
    • How did you go about obtaining a leadership position? How did this help you acquire an internship?
    • Can I practice my upcoming interview for position A in organization B with you?


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