Career & Academic Peer Mentors

Current Mentors

Finance & Consulting Team

  1. Sochima Mbadugha

    Senior, Finance
    Internship: The Boston Consulting Group
    Interest areas: Management consulting, corporate strategy
    Email (Sochima.Mbadugha at

  2. Krupa Shah

    Senior, Finance
    Internships: J.P. Morgan, Deloitte
    Interest areas: Risk & resilience advisory, regulatory & compliance advisory
    Email (Krupa.Shah at

  3. Abigail Fielding

    Senior, Finance & MSISOM
    Internships: Protiviti Consulting, Modera Wealth Management LLC, Wells Fargo
    Interest areas: Consulting, risk management, internal audit and wealth managment
    Email (Abigail.Fielding at

  4. Kathryn Vigilante

    Junior, Finance & MIB
    Internship: SHIFT HR Compliance Training
    Email (Kathryn.Vigilante at

  5. Garrett Mulholland

    Junior, Finance
    Internships: Buzzfeed, Comcast NBC Universal
    Email (Garrett.Mulholland at

  6. Olivia Piatkowski

    Junior, Finance & MSF
    Internships: Universal Studios Orlando, General Electric Healthcare
    Email (Olivia.Piatkowski at

  7. Jilly Leibovitch

    Junior, Finance
    Internship: Omnibus-Clapham
    Email (Jilly.Leibovitch at

  8. Kevin Baro-Ouiiano

    Junior, Finance
    Internship: Artemis Real Estate Partners
    Email (Kevin.Baro-Ouiiano at

  9. John Goracke

    Senior, Finance & MIB
    Internships: Lockheed Martin, Protiviti Consulting
    Email (John.Gorake at

  10. Charlie Keegan

    Senior, Finance & MIB
    Internship: Gartner
    Email (Charlie.Keegan at

  11. Rachel Gurevich

    Senior, Finance
    Internship: JP Morgan & Chase
    Email (Rachel.Gurevich at

  12. Christina Marchena

    Senior, Finance
    Internships: Comcast NBC Universal, Hartfield Insurance Group
    Email (Christina.Marchena at

  13. Stephanie Ramos

    Junior, Finance
    Email (Stephanie.Ramos at

  14. Sheldon Meyer

    Senior, Finance
    Internships: RBC Wealth Management, Bank of America
    Email (Sheldon.Meyer at

  15. Robert Blaine

    Senior, Finance & MIB
    Internships: TNB INC., Independent Strategic Research, Thai Silk Company
    Email (Robert.Blaine at

  16. Arie Hariton

    Senior, Finance & MIB
    Internships: Wells Fargo Securities, Ragalta USA, Miami Dade Office of the State Attorney
    Email (Arie.Hariton at

  17. Quinn Heinton

    Senior, Finance
    Internship: Florida Blue
    Email (Quinn.Heinton at

  18. Gabriela Urbino

    Junior, Finance
    Internships: State Farm Insurance, Law Offices of Darylaine Hernandez, LLC.
    Email (Gabriela.Urbino at

  19. Scout Royce

    Senior, Finance & MSF
    Internships: J.P. Morgan, U.S. House of Representatives, Annaly Capital Management
    Email (Scout.Royce at

  20. Punit Naik

    Junior, Finance & MIB
    Internships: Macy’s, Verizon
    Email (Punit.Naik at

  21. Emily Dettlo

    Junior, Finance & Spanish
    Internships: Northwestern Mutual, RSM
    Email (Emily.Dettlo at

Accounting Team

  1. Celine Chan

    Junior, Accounting
    Internships: Deloitte, Comcast NBC Universal
    Interest areas: Audit, tax, international affairs
    Email (celine.chan at

  2. Alexandria Camacho

    Senior, Accounting
    Internship: Deloitte
    Email (Alexandria.Camacho at

Marketing Team

  1. Michelle Kunz

    Senior, Marketing
    Internships: Global Brands Group
    Interest areas: Music, Entertainment, Media, Marketing, International Business
    Email (Michelle.Kunz at

  2. Karli Sellers

    Junior, Marketing
    Internship: Wells Fargo Rail
    Email (Karli.Sellers at

  3. Ophir Rotem

    Junior, Marketing & MSISOM
    Internship: MotionPoint Corporation
    Email (Ophir.Rotem at

  4. Kasey Tahmosh

    Senior, Marketing
    Internships: The Hershey Company, David Greenberg Communications
    Email (Kasey.Tahmosh at

  5. Alaina Brown

    Junior, Marketing & MIB
    Internships: Aldi, Citrus World Inc.
    Email (Alaina.Brown at

  6. Megan Grant

    Senior, Marketing & MIB
    Internships: Procter & Gamble, GolfNow NBC Universal
    Email (Megan.Grant at

Information Systems & Operations Management Team

  1. Amanda Rorabaugh

    Senior, Information Systems, Economics
    Internships: Bank of America, Around Campus Group, Sideways 6
    Email (Amanda.Rorabaugh at

  2. Alexa Ehrenfreund

    Junior, Information Systems & Sport Management
    Internship: Northrop Grumman
    Email (Alexa.Ehrenfreund at

  3. Chrisford Belizaire

    Senior, Information Systems
    Internships: Google, NextEra Energy
    Email (Chrisford.Belizaire at

  4. Madison Ross

    Junior, Information Systems
    Internship: Family Promise of Greater Orlando
    Email (Madison.Ross at

Management & General Business Team

  1. Bianca Munoz

    Junior, Management
    Internships: Demeter Capital LLC, Richardson Electronics
    Email (Bianca.Munoz at

  2. Nick Campanella

    Senior, Management & MIB
    Email (Nick.Campanella at

  3. Jenna Horowitz

    Junior, Management, General Business
    Internship: Wells Fargo
    Email (Jenna.Horowitz at

  4. Natalie Cristobal

    Junior, General Business
    Internships: Keith Watson Event Productions, Advanced IT Topics, Ken McGurn for Congress Campaign
    Email (Natalie.Cristobal at


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