Career & Academic Peer Mentors

Current Mentors

Finance Team

  1. Regan Bloss

    Senior, Finance
    Internship: Sentinel Capital LLC, Accelerated Depreciation Specialists LLC
    Interest areas: Corporate Finance, Real Estate, Private Equity
    Email (Regan.Bloss at

  2. Joseph Couture

    Senior, Finance
    Internships: General Electric, Patriot National Insurance Group
    Interest areas: Consulting, Risk Management
    Email (Joseph.Couture at

  3. Eesha Doshi

    Junior, Finance
    Internships: Verizon, Liberty Mutual Insurance
    Email (Eesha.Doshi at

  4. Cara Grandstaff

    Senior, Finance
    Internship: Patriot National Insurance Group
    Interest areas: Corporate Finance, Real Estate
    Email (Cara.Grandstaff at

  5. Kamil Krukowski

    Junior, Finance
    Internships: Fisher Investments
    Email (Kamil.Krukowski at

  6. Ashley Leger

    Senior, Finance
    Internships: GE Capital, JP Morgan Asset Management
    Email (Ashley.Leger at

  7. Hannah Olmstead

    Junior, Finance
    Internship: Vocap Investment Partners
    Email (Hannah.Olmstead at

  8. Jasmin Tahirovic

    Senior, Finance, MIB
    Internships: Boeing, Federation of Balkan-American Associations
    Interest areas: International Business, Consulting
    Email (Jasmin.Tahirovic at

  9. Harrison Tool

    Senior, Finance
    Internships: FIS Global, Professional Placement Resources
    Interest areas: Corporate Finance, Technology
    Email (Harrison.Tool at

  10. Brent Ziegler

    Senior, Finance
    Internship: Siemens, Marriott Vacation Club, Wyndham Vacation Ownership
    Email (Brent.Ziegler at

Accounting Team

  1. Carolina Cuello

    Senior, Accounting
    Internship: Deloitte
    Interest areas: Audit, Financial Advisory, Tax, Retail
    Email (Carolina.Cuello at

  2. Victoria Felcoski

    Graduate Student, Accounting
    Internship: Dixon Hughes Goodman, Target
    Interest areas: Public Accounting, Audit, Tax, Consulting
    Email (Victoria.Felcoski at

  3. Megan Hartnett

    Graduate Student, Accounting
    Internships: Price Waterhouse Coopers, U.S. Department of Commerce
    Interest areas:
    Email (Megan.Hartnett at

  4. Elena Hernandez

    Junior, Accounting
    Internships: Xiomara Lee, P.A, Lopez Levi & Associates, P.A, Deloitte
    Email (Nathaly.Olivari at

  5. Christi Leonard

    Senior, Accounting
    Internships: FIS Global
    Interest areas: Public Accounting
    Email (Christi.Leonard at

  6. Jon Sarkisian

    Junior, Accounting
    Internships: J.P. Morgan
    Email (Jon.Sarkisan at

Information Systems Team

  1. Joseph Towbin

    Senior, Information Systems, MISOM
    Internships: Microsoft, General Electric, FIS Global, Lowes, SeaWorld
    Interest areas: Entertainment & Media, Financial Services, Hospitality
    Email (Joseph.Towbin at

  2. Rachel Halfaker

    Junior, Information Systems
    Internships: General Electric
    Email (Rachel.Halfaker at

Marketing Systems Team

  1. Eduardo Da Costa

    Senior, Marketing
    Internships: Isango!, Simpson Scarborough
    Email (Eduardo.DaCosta at

  2. Stephanie Elkin

    Junior, Marketing
    Internships: Grooveshark, Sony Music RED Distribution
    Email (Stephanie.Elkin at

  3. Danielle Karbach

    Senior, Marketing
    Internships: U.S. Department of State
    Email (Danielle.Karbach at

  4. Ali Kassam

    Senior, Marketing
    Internships: UF Recreational Sports, TutoringZone, Procter & Gamble
    Email (Ali.Kassam at

  5. Sarah Lawrence

    Senior, Marketing
    Internships: Target, Cymplify
    Email (Sarah.Lawrence at

  6. Jade Mulvaney

    Junior, Marketing
    Internships: Wells Fargo, Northrop Grumman
    Email (Jade.Mulvaney at

  7. Justin Rich

    Junior, Marketing & MIB
    Internships: Macy’s
    Interest areas: Sales, Recruiting
    Email (Justin.Rich at

Management & General Business Team

  1. Lauren Cardia

    Senior, Management
    Internships: Hilton, Hartfield Insurance, Transperfect
    Email (Lauren.Cardia at

  2. Danielle Gertner

    Senior, General Business
    Internships: YMCA Broward County, City Year
    Interest areas: Communications, Leadership, Consulting
    Email (Danielle.Gertner at

  3. Brandon Harris

    Junior, General Business
    Internships: Northrop Grumman
    Email (Brandon.Harris at

  4. Kelsey Norris

    Senior, General Business
    Internships: Publix
    Email (Kelsey.Norris at


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