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Program History

Heavener staff analyzed employment data in 2008 and found recruiters were no longer satisfied hiring college graduates with little or no work experience. As a result, Heavener instituted a mandatory internship requirement effective Summer 2009 to better equip business majors to meet the evolving demands of the labor marketplace and help them find full-time employment upon graduation.

The Career and Academic Peer (CAP) Mentor program was launched in Fall 2009 to assist students in finding internships. Thirteen of Heavener’s top junior and senior students were hired in this inaugural mentor class with the intent to provide career services to their peers. These mentors received numerous hours of career training in areas such as resume critiquing, effective interviewing techniques, internship acquisition strategies, networking, and cover letter writing.

The first CAP mentor class laid the foundation for what would become Heavener’s most successful peer-to-peer career advising program and one of the top mentoring programs at the University of Florida. Today, over 25 mentors are employed on a yearly basis and provide over 1,100 one-on-one career advising appointments with business majors each semester.

Former Mentors

Curious where our mentors work after graduation? Stay connected with your mentor or network with former mentors via LinkedIn.

Class of 2014-15
  1. Franchesco Casadidio

    Internship: Citigroup LATAM, Primerica

  2. Emily Frick

    Internships: Hershey, RoomSync

  3. Eric Kansky

    Internships: KCSA Strategic Communications, Mark's Prime Steakhouse

  4. Nicholas Kaufman

    Internships: Nielson

  5. Mallory Leibowitz

    Internships: 72andSunny, MonkeyWish, PureCharity, UQ Marketing

  6. Sarabeth Lewis

    Internships: Merrill Lynch, Artisan Boutique Catering, Pinellas County School Board

  7. Alex Mazur

    Internships: Ritz-Carlton, Altria

  8. Melissa Morlan

    Internships: Protiviti, Catalina Marketing, Mosaic Marketing

  9. Lindsey Ohayon

    Internships: General Electric, gMED Inc.

  10. Nathaly Olivari

    Internships: General Electric, Cameron International, UTC Aerospace Systems

  11. Lanita Patton

    Internships: Google, General Electric, Broward Health Hospital

  12. Caroline Popp

    Internships: Astrium, Warrington College of Business

  13. Shruti Shah

    Internships: JPMorgan Chase, Institute of the Regions of Europe

  14. Mark Supinski

    Internships: Grooveshark, Google

Class of 2013-14
  1. Raksheen Ayaz

  2. Alana Cain

  3. Kristina Chen

  4. Sonia Chen

  5. Carolina Cuellar

  6. Alexandra Danovitch

  7. Kennis Dees

  8. Eric del Valle

  9. Christine Delgado

  10. Christina Duffy

  11. Steven Felder

  12. Michael Hinds

  13. Annie Jubert

  14. Kaliene Lambert

  15. Elizabeth 'Lizi' Lopez

  16. Emily Luellen

  17. Phuong Nguyen

  18. Andres Ramirez

  19. Rebecca Rechtszaid

  20. Chloe Rittenhouse

  21. Blaire Shoor

  22. Vicky Sosa

Class of 2012-13
  1. Sarah Alexander

    Internship: AT&T

  2. Jeni Bouza

    Internships: Bank of America, Target
    Accepted Job: Bank of America
    Miami, FL

  3. John Bryan

    Internship: U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Taiwan

  4. Dara Chen

    Internships: Ernst & Young, Verizon

  5. Paula Clark

    Internships: Rockhouse Partners, Carnival Music
    Accepted Job: Ford Motor Company
    Nashville, TN

  6. Amanda Cleveland

    Internships: Nielsen, Altria
    Accepted Job: Nielson
    Chicago, IL

  7. Alexis Coryell

    Internships: Bank of America, Merrill Lynch
    Admitted Graduate School: Florida State University
    Tallahassee, FL

  8. Stephano Eckardt

    Internships: Ernst & Young
    Accepted Job: Ernst & Young
    New York, NY

  9. Stephanie Etzig

    Internships: General Electric, Mass Mutual

  10. Kimone Ferguson

    Internships: AT&T, Cintas
    Accepted Job: Cintas

  11. CJ Hernandez

    Internship: Deloitte
    Accepted Job: Nielson
    Chicago, IL

  12. Michael Kaplan

    Internships: Square, Inc., Digi-Net Technologies
    Admitted Graduate School: University of Florida
    Gainesville, FL

  13. Josefina "Josie" Oria

    Accepted Job: General Electric

  14. Kathryn "Katie" Orovecz

    Internships: Lockheed Martin

  15. Heather O'Rourke

    Internship: Proctor & Gamble
    Accepted Job: Procter & Gamble
    Boston, MA

  16. Paola Rodriguez

    Internships: MetLife, Target
    Accepted Job: General Mills
    Minneapolis, MN

  17. Tai Wu

    Internships: Envion, Walt Disney

Class of 2011-12
  1. Brooklyne Berry

    Internship(s): Target
    Accepted Job: Target
    Port Charlotte, FL

  2. Alex Bianco

    Internship(s): Lighthouse Partners, LLC.
    Goldman Sachs
    New York, NY

  3. Jackie Campuzano

    Internship(s): General Electric
    Accepted Job: General Electric
    Houston, TX

  4. Alexis Coryell

    Internship(s): Bank of America (Merrill Lynch)
    Admitted Graduate School: Florida State University
    Tallahassee, FL

  5. Kim Crofford

    Internship(s): Siemens
    Accepted Job: The Hershey Company
    Kissimmee, FL

  6. Cassandra Diaz

    Internship(s): Macy's
    Accepted Job: Online Vacation Center
    Plantation, FL

  7. Caitlin Duffy

    Internship(s): Macy's
    Accepted Job: Macy's
    Miami, FL

  8. Tiffany Galmarini

    Internship(s): Winn-Dixie
    Accepted Job: Warner Chilcott
    West Palm Beach, FL

  9. Megan Guice

    Internship(s): atLarge, Inc.
    Accepted Job: Procter & Gamble
    Charlotte, NC

  10. Leona Jones

    Internship(s): Wells Fargo
    Accepted Job: Nielsen
    New York, NY

  11. Michelle Law

    Internship(s): Lockheed Martin
    Accepted Job: Lockheed Martin
    Orlando, FL

  12. Tess Likens

    Accepted Job: TradePMR
    Gainesville, FL

  13. Danielle McRae

    Internship(s): Pricewaterhouse
    Accepted Job: Estate Trust Asset Recovery
    Gainesville, FL

  14. Mikaela Moore

    Internship(s): Google
    Accepted Job: Teach for America
    Miami/ Ft. Lauderdale, FL

  15. Gianira Sifuentes

    Internship(s): Johnson & Johnson
    Accepted Job: Bank of America
    Miami/ Ft. Lauderdale, FL

  16. Mariel Rector

    Internship(s): Apple, Ben & Jerry's

  17. Hannah Wampole

    Internship: Altria
    Accepted Job: Beckman Coulter
    Brea, CA

  18. Lindsey Wilkinson

    Internship(s): Nordstrom, Motozuma

Class of 2010-11
  1. Amanda Aschenbrenner

    Accepted Job: Capital One
    Richmond, VA

  2. Smriti Attri

    Accepted Job: Bank of America
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL

  3. Elizabeth Barnum

    Accepted Job: AT&T
    Atlanta, GA

  4. Lauren Brinker

    Admitted Graduate School: Georgetown Law School
    Washington, D.C.

  5. Flavia Cervantes

    Accepted Job: Urban Outfitters
    Philadelphia, PA

  6. Samantha Curtin

    Accepted Job: Siemens Energy
    Orlando, FL

  7. Joshua Epelbaum

    Accepted Job: Nestlé USA
    Franklin Park, IL

  8. Christina Fernandez
  9. Nicole Johnson

    Accepted Job: March of Dimes
    Arlington, VA

  10. Kara Jordan

    Accepted Job Placement: Kraft Foods
    Jacksonville, FL

  11. Traci O'Hara
  12. Eyal Soffer

    Accepted Job: Ernst & Young
    New York, NY

Class of 2009-10
  1. Kiara Burroughs

    Internship(s): Macy's
    Accepted Job: Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP
    Atlanta, GA

  2. Bryan Cowan

    Internship(s): Winn Dixie
    Accepted Job: Winn Dixie Stores
    Panama City, FL

  3. Brittney Davidson

    Internship(s): World Bank
    Accepted Job: Teach for America
    Crownpoint, NM

  4. Brittany Desmond

    Internship(s): B of A
    Accepted Job: Merrill Lynch
    Jacksonville, FL

  5. Jorge Echarte

    Internship(s): JPMorgan
    Accepted Job: JPMorgan Chase
    New York, New York

  6. Mary Gregoire

    Internship(s): Capital Ent (London)

  7. Karen Gunnerson

    Internship(s): B of A
    Accepted Job Placement: Bank of America
    New York, New York

  8. Zach Kennedy

    Internship(s): Wachovia

  9. Jennifer Seltzer

    Internship(s): J&J
    Accepted Job: Graduate School, University of Central Florida
    Orlando, FL

  10. Sofia Taboada

    Internship(s): P&G
    Accepted Job: Proctor & Gamble
    San Antonio, TX


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