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Are you ready to inspire, encourage, and motivate younger business students to become the type of leader they aspire to be?

Do you have a passion to help others and desire to learn how to equip business majors with the career tools necessary to locate, prepare for, and acquire great internships?

Are you up for receiving extensive career and leadership training for your own personal development?

If so, you are the type of student leader the Career and Academic Peer Mentor Program is looking to hire.

The CAP Mentor program looks for 25 to 30 rising juniors, seniors or graduate business or accounting majors to mentor business students. CAPs undergo extensive weekly training to help their mentees in a variety of areas, locating internships, developing a career commercial, using personal brand management in the internship marketplace, effectively marketing a study abroad experience on a resume, networking, and more!

Your selection as a mentor is prestigious as CAPs are recognized as top leaders in Warrington. Therefore, CAPs must meet certain qualifications outlined below in order to serve as a mentor:

  • Enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate business or accounting major
  • Completed at least one internship before the start of the Fall term
  • Carry a 3.0 minimum overall university GPA

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m currently outside Gainesville on a study abroad or internship and cannot attend an on-campus CAP Mentor interview. What should I do?

Students temporarily living away from Gainesville during the Spring CAP Mentor recruitment season (i.e., studying abroad or completing an internship outside Gainesville) are still encouraged to apply.

After downloading the application, please send all completed application materials to Derek Guffin via email (derek.guffin at In the email, please indicate three (3) interview time slots with your availability (during interview days only) for a Skype interview. Also in this email, make sure to include your Skype name. If you do not have a Skype account, please visit their website and sign-up for a free account.

Previous applicants who were unable to travel to Gainesville for a CAP Mentor interview were Skype interviewed from destinations such as Taiwan, France, and Orlando.

What is classified as an internship? Does it have to be paid?

An internship is defined as any type of work experience relevant to your professional aspirations. Ideally, an internship is at least 150 hours in length and can be paid or unpaid.

CAPs mentors are selected from all sorts of backgrounds and interests areas. Previous mentors have completed internships at organizations ranging from large Fortune 500 companies to small local business in Gainesville…and everywhere in-between. Government agencies, internships abroad, law offices, non-profits, entertainment and media, and sports are examples of the types of work experiences we have hired from in the past and are still looking to hire in the future. No internship destination is ‘better’ than another.

I don’t have an internship completed at the time of application but I’m completing my first internship this summer. Am I still eligible to apply?

Yes! Although your first internship experience will not be completed until the end of the summer (i.e., you won’t have completed an internship by the time this year’s applications are due) applicants are still encouraged to apply. This type of applicant is not at a disadvantage compared to applicants who have previously completed an internship before the application deadline.

Is a part-time job considered an internship?

No. A part-time job (i.e., Starbucks, the CIRCA Help desk, etc...) is not the same as an internship. Ideally, your internship occurs in an office setting and is relevant to the field you wish to continue working in after graduation.

Info Session. What happens if I can’t attend the information session?

No worries! Our information session is designed mainly to learn more about the CAPs program to help students decide if s/he should apply and is the right fit. Students who cannot attend are not penalized in any way on their CAP application. In other words, if you cannot attend your absence is not counted against you during the interview process.


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