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Honors and Awards

Outstanding mentor contributions are recognized through the CAP of the Month and/or CAP of the Year awards. Recipients of these distinguished awards consistently have demonstrated exceptional contributions in the lives of Warrington’s students while enhancing various aspects of the program. The CAP of the Year award is the highest recognition bestowed on a mentor, recognizing leaders dedicated to the advancement of the career development in others and creating innovations in career advising services. Previous award recipients for both awards hit certain milestones during their tenure, typically achieving markers such as:

  • Mentoring 25% to 30% more students than the average mentor in their CAP cohort
  • Producing a greater proportion of mentees who acquire internships, jobs, and on-campus leadership positions compared to other mentors in their CAP cohort
  • Providing valuable contributions during CAP training sessions, leading to a healthy, educational, and empowering work and learning environment
  • Developing innovative and creative enhancements to CAP marketing efforts, data assessment, training and development, recruitment, collegial support, and other aspects of program development
  • Serving two years minimum as a mentor

CAP of the Month

  1. Nathaly Olivari
    November 2013

  2. Phuong Nguyen & Sonia Chen
    October 2013

  3. Kennis Dees, Victoria Felcoski,
    & Kaliene Lambert

    September 2013

  4. Tai Wu & Amanda Cleveland
    January & February 2013

  5. Kaliene Lambert
    December 2012

  6. Heather O'Rourke & Kennis Dees
    CAPs of the Month
    October 2012

  7. Jeni Bouza
    September 2012

CAP Mentor(s) of the Year

  1. Kaliene Lambert

    CAP Mentor of the Year

  2. Kennis Dees

    CAP Mentor of the Year

  3. Caitlin Duffy

    CAP Mentor of the Year

  4. Kim Crofford

    CAP Mentor of the Year

  5. Nicole Johnson

    CAP Mentor of the Year

  6. Smriti Attri

    CAP Mentor of the Year

  7. Samantha Curtin

    CAP Mentor of the Year


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