Heavener is Connectivity

Your undergraduate experience is a special time and surrounding yourself with gifted, motivated and sociable students will make your experience that much better. By joining a student organization, you will form bonds that will last a lifetime.

  • 35 Student Organizations
  • 1/3 of Heavener students are involved in at least one student organization

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Types of organizations: College Councils, Honorary Organizations, Service and Leadership, Mentorship, Major and Academic, Multicultural and Diversity and General Business.

Benefits: Academic enhancement, find internships, gain practical business experience, connect with classmates who have similar interests.

Heavener is Leadership

Joining a student organization is the easy part. Having the confidence to take on a pivotal role in that organization is what makes a leader. A cornerstone of the Heavener’s School mission is to instill dynamic leadership skills in our students, and our staff and advisors provide the support to help you find your voice.

Heavener Leadership Opportunities

  • A one-credit transition course for freshmen designed to promote a sense of community in the College and to assist our students with various academic and personal goals.

  • Developed to help students gain professional and academic skills that they will need after their undergraduate experience.

  • Focuses on developing the holistic student by creating opportunities for students to develop academically, professionally, and personally.

  • The top 50 sophomores, juniors, and transfer students in the College are selected for this personal leadership development program. Leadership is Everyone’s Business and the HLC’s goal is to develop students into top notch leaders.

  • International, nonprofit organization that works as a partnership between corporations and higher education to teach young people about business fundamentals.

  • Professional development training for the top 100 sophomore students in the Warrington College of Business.

  • Career & Academic (CAP) Peer Mentors specialize in providing undergraduate business majors with professional career development to acquire great internships. These mentors are Heavener’s most successful third and fourth year students.

  • The Diplomats are the official student ambassadors of the Warrington College of Business. This organization is comprised of highly committed and motivated business students selected through a competitive application process.

Go Global

The world is getting smaller thanks to technological advances that have allowed the global economy to flourish. Exposing our students to international business practices through our globalization initiative is essential for long-term growth and success.

  • 425 Heavener students who participated in a study abroad experience in 2015-16.
  • 36 Partnerships with international universities allowing Heavener students to study abroad.

Breakdown by continent:

  • Europe 22
  • Asia 9
  • South America 2
  • Australia 2

A Place of Promise

In January 2015, the College’s undergraduate programs and student activities will be housed under one roof. Heavener Hall, a state-of-the-art learning center, will create a unique community for undergraduate business students and enhance the School’s identity and overall student experience.

  • $23 Million project
  • 57,000 Gross square feet
  • 80 Seat lecture hall
  • 29 Advisor offices
  • 16 Student team rooms

Heavener is Intellectual

The Heavener School has a diverse and challenging curriculum that pushes our students intellectually. Driven by an award-winning faculty that cultivates an exciting and dynamic learning environment, Heavener students are inspired to learn beyond the basics and find profound meaning in their studies.

  • 15th Ranking among U.S. publics in Bloomberg Businessweek’s Best Undergraduate Business Schools 2013
  • 16th Ranking among U.S. publics in U.S. News & World Report’s “2014 Best Colleges” issue
  • 5 Majors
  • 6 Minors
  • 73% Percent of Heavener seniors who scored among the nation’s top 25 percent in the ETS Major Field Test in Business, the premier measure for undergraduate business students

Here to help

Everyone needs helps getting through their college years, and the Heavener School provides skilled advisors to assist students with their academic and career needs. In addition to our professional and experienced advisors, the Heavener School offers peer advising as well through its Career & Academic Peer Mentors Program (CAP). CAP Mentors are upperclassmen who have completed at least one professional internship, and share their experiences with other Heavener students.

No distance too great for Heavener online

Even if you can’t make it to Gainesville, you can still be a part of The Heavener Experience. The Heavener School of Business and the University of Florida offer two ways for students to receive an undergraduate business degree:

UF Online

4-Year Bachelor’s Degree

You can come as a freshman...

The first fully online four-year bachelor’s degree offered by a leading national research university, UF Online provides the opportunity for motivated students anywhere in the world to gain a strong business foundation.

Online Business Program

For Community College Graduates

You can come as a transfer or an AA transfer...

Administered by the Heavener School of Business, the Online Business Program offers Florida community college graduates an unsurpassed opportunity to receive a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from one of the nation’s most prestigious universities.

Number of Online Business Program Graduates at Heavener School of Business

  • 10 Years the Online Business Program has been offered
  • 15 Courses needed to earn undergraduate business degree
  • 26 Test sites throughout Florida to accommodate students


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