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On-campus students are encouraged to attend the lectures whenever possible. Seating is available on a “first come, first served” basis.

Students can access the mediasite library from the course websites hosted on UF’s E-Learning (Sakai) system or via the links below.

There are known issues with recent versions of iTunes related to course download subscriptions. iTunes download is only supported for version 11.1.0. For important information on iTunes subscription and version options, please visit the TAC support page.

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Spring 2014

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This is the best solution for watching classes on your internet-connected computer or mobile device. Mediasite supports Mac/PC desktop streaming and downloads as well as streaming to just about any modern mobile device connected to WiFi.

Quick Start

Click the “mediasite” button next to your course and login to your mediasite library using GatorLink. The most recent lecture appears at the top of the list and you can optionally download the lecture to your computer from here for offline viewing.

If you’re on the go with an iOS device or have limited access to a WiFi connection from your computer, you’ll probably want to download the lectures to your device for offline viewing. For important information on iTunes subscription and version options, please visit the TAC support page.

Quick Start

Make sure you have a supported version of iTunes installed on your computer. Click the iTunes link for your class; this will automatically open the feed as a podcast in iTunes. Follow the on-screen prompts to subscribe to the lecture.

This service is provided as an alternative subscription method to using iTunes. RSS syndication is only supported on the Windows PC. Please use Firefox or Internet Explorer to access RSS feeds as RSS is not currently supported by Google Chrome.

Quick Start

Click the RSS button to open a feed, or list, of available lectures in your web browser. Alternatively, if you have one set up, the subscription will open in your default RSS reader. From there you can subscribe to the feed and download your video lectures for offline or mobile device viewing.

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Exams are proctored in the evenings on the UF Campus.

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