Uppsala University

Uppsala, Sweden

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Uppsala University was established in 1477 and is the oldest university in Scandinavia. The university currently has almost 40,000 students enrolled and offers a wide range of subject areas. Sweden is a beautiful country that has much to offer students interested in studying there. There are also thousands of islands off the immense Swedish coastline, adding to the country's character and charm. Uppsala feels similar to Gainesville, a vibrant university town with an active student community.

The School

Uppsala University offers many resources to students. Student life in Uppsala centers around student unions that facilitate students’ social and educational experiences. These unions are open to exchange students and help exchange students quickly find friends and a community. Students also have the opportunity to work part-time in the unions. Group work and cases are common in the classroom, though contact hours in class are less than in North America. The university library, Carolina Rediviva, is one of Scandinavia's most extensive and best-equipped libraries. There are also student unions in place at the university that will assist students in dealing with educational, financial, health care, housing and recreational matters. There is a small charge for their services that all students are required to pay. Because of Uppsala's beautiful surroundings, there are many outdoor activities available such as swimming, horseback riding, golfing, fishing, hiking, and canoeing.

The City

Uppsala is a historic city offering many opportunities to experience culture and inspiration. Some of the city's attractions include castles, ancient burial fields, galleries, museums, gardens, and historic churches. As Sweden's fourth largest municipality, Uppsala has the charm of a small town while offering the advantages of a big city. Old Uppsala is a historical center and one of the most remarkable and legendary monuments in all of Scandinavia. Here students can explore traces of Sweden's past, as this is the site where sacrificial rites were performed to appease ancient pagan kings. Other notable landmarks in Uppsala include the large cathedral, Domkyrkan, and the castle, Slottet.

Term Dates

Fall: early September - late December
Spring: mid January - early June

Courses Available

All are in English. There are only 4-5 courses to choose from in any given study period.


All business courses are in English. Opportunity to take beginner's Swedish language courses for free- it runs the entire university semester. Swedes speak very good English.

Credit Conversions & Grading

Minimum Credit Requirements

Minimum 2 courses (equivalent to 8 UF credits) per study period. 2 study periods= 1 full study semester.

Estimated Costs

$1100-$1200 per month.


Uppsala will assist students in finding accommodations. Most students stay in university arranged housing. An estimated cost of housing is $500/month, with a cost of living equivalent to other major European cities.


Swedish Krona.

Travel Opportunities

Uppsala is located on a main rail line that connects the city with the rest of Sweden. The capital city of Stockholm can be reached in 40 minutes by train. There is an international airport located halfway between Uppsala and Stockholm, which makes other destinations throughout Europe easily accessible. The nearest seaports are located in Stockholm, Kapellskar, and Hargshamn, which provide connections to Finland, Russia, and the Baltic States.

Contacts Abroad

Mirkka Maatta Pescador
Exchange Coordinator
Uppsala University, Dept. of Business Studies
Box 513, SE- 75120 Uppsala SWEDEN
Tel: +46 18-471 14 90
Fax: +46 18-471 68 10
Email (mirkka.maatta_pescador at fek.uu.se)