Kozminski University

Warsaw, Poland

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Kozminski University was established in 1993 to meet the high demand for managerial and entrepreneurial skills in Poland. The school is located in a rapidly growing industrial district of Warsaw, and is accessible to the rest of the city through a strong public transportation system. There are more than 6000 students enrolled in the various programs. The school is recognized as one of the best business schools in Eastern Europe and is the only Polish business school to have received the prestigious EQUIS accreditation

The School

Kozminski University offers a Buddy Program for international students to help familiarize them with the Polish lifestyle. International students are strongly encouraged to get involved in the many social and cultural activities organized by this program. There are many student facilities and resources on campus such as libraries, seminar rooms, foreign language labs, dining halls, and more. Warsaw offers students a variety of cultural activities including art exhibitions, performances, concerts, and film festivals. There are also cinemas, pubs, cafes, museums, and restaurants available for students to spend their free time.

The City

Warsaw is located in the very heart of the country and close to the center of Europe. There are few places with equally interesting history and relics of the past, or places where the past intertwines with the present. This gives the city a unique character. Warsaw has been Poland's capital for the past four centuries, and is the largest city in the country. This lively metropolis is the administrative, business and cultural center of Poland. It is here that the diplomatic missions of other states can be found alongside the seats of political, professional, civic and religious organizations.

Term Dates

Fall trimester: October 1 - January 18
Spring trimester: January 21 - May 23

Courses Available

There is a one-year International Business program taught entirely in English. MIB students can take courses from that program- selection is limited in any given term. Or, if fluent in Polish, can take courses from a variety of Master's programs. No minimum course requirement.


Polish, German, Russian and English. General operations of the school are in English and Polish. You can learn Polish or German at the Language Center.

Credit Conversions & Grading

Minimum Credit Requirements

None known.

Estimated Expenses

$900 per month for housing, food and transportation.


There is plenty of very affordable housing within the city. The school has an accommodation form that can be completed by the student who needs help in securing housing. Can opt for a furnished studio or a shared furnished apartment. Excellent tram system in city, so you need not live right near the school. Taxis are also quite cheap.


Travel Opportunities

Poland's central location in Europe facilitates travel to many different locations. Travel through Eastern and Western Europe is easy by train or by airplane. Trips to Scandinavian countries can also be arranged by boat.

Contacts Abroad

Lilija Harmoza
International Programs Director
Kozminski University
Jagiellonska Street 59
03-301 Warsaw POLAND
Tel: +48 22 51 92 102
Fax: +48 22 51 92 201
Email (lilija at wspiz.edu.pl)

Kinga Nekanda-Trepka
International Exchanges Coordinator
Email (kingant at wspiz.pl)