Sogang University

Seoul, Korea

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Sogang University is a private institution established by the Society of Jesus to provide an education based on Catholic belief, inspired by Jesuit educational philosophy. Sogang University's goal is to educate the whole human person on foundations of love and faith, encouraging all its members to be intent on the pursuit of learning as a sincere quest for truth, resolved to practice justice and respect the human dignity and worth of every person. Sogang aims to cultivate people of talent who will devote their lives to the development of a humanistic culture and the union of all mankind. The first building was completed in November 1959, and the Office of International Affairs was opened in February 1990.

The School & Student Life

Sogang has a comprehensive campus with many buildings, including cafeterias and sport facilities. There are currently about 79 student clubs at Sogang. These are supervised by the Office of Student Affairs in the Student Union Hall. Due to the more than 160 exchange partnerships, there are students from all over the world. Exchange students get a Sogang "buddy", and airport pick-upon upon arrival can also be arranged. Sogang is located in a quiet and youth-oriented popular section of the city near three metro stops. The atmosphere is much like Greenwich Village in New York City.

The City

Seoul, Korea is a very large and lively city, housing nearly one-quarter of all South Korean residents. Mountains circle the city on all sides and it is divided by the Han River. Seoul represents the country's center for business, education, and modern culture. There are museums, palaces, parks, nightclubs, and top-notch restaurants. Getting around Seoul by bus or subway is easy. The express busses leaving Seoul can take you to nearly every major destination in the country. Or, you can take the more expensive but more convenient trains. South Korea is an extremely dynamic society, constantly changing and evolving.

Term Dates

First Semester: March - mid-June
Second Semester: Late August – mid-December


Korean and English. English language learning is a required part of the primary school system in Korea- most young Koreans speak very good English. A Korean language course is offered to exchange students for free.

Courses Available

Various MBA, International Studies, and graduate business courses offered in English. Good East Asian Studies courses are available in English. A Korean language course is offered to exchange students for free, and students can study other languages (for a small fee) in the renowned Language Center.

Credit Conversions & Grading

Minimum Credit Requirements

None known.

Estimated Expenses

$1100 per month.


Students can live on campus in Gonzaga Hall, a high rise building accommodating 950 students total.


Travel Opportunities

Seoul's transportation boom dates back to the era of the Korean Empire, when the first streetcar lines were laid and a railroad linking Seoul and Incheon was completed. Today, as a result of the diversification of Seoul's transportation network, it has become a great transportation hub for Asia. There are two international airports that serve Seoul linking students to all of East Asia.

Contacts Abroad

Sogang University
Office of International Affairs
#1, Shinsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul 121-742, Korea
P. O. Box 1142, Seoul, Korea 100-611
Phone: 82-2-705-8118
Fax: 82-2-705-8119
Email (goabroad at