University of Antwerp

Antwerp, Belgium

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The University of Antwerp was founded in 2003 after the merger of the three universities that were previously known as RUCA (State University Centre Antwerp), UFSIA (University Faculties Saint Ignatius Antwerp) and UIA (University Institution Antwerp). Hence, the university's roots go back to 1852. The University of Antwerp has approximately 10,000 students, which makes it the third largest university in Flanders.

The School

The University of Antwerp has a small business school (occupies three buildings) located in the historical heart of Antwerp. Most degree-seeking students are Western European or Asian. Sports are very popular and the school has its own sports center. Bus and bicycle are the most common ways to get to school.

The City

Antwerp is on the northern coast of Belgium, only a 45 minute bus ride from Brussels. Antwerp is the second largest port in Europe and is known for a flourishing diamond trade. The center of the city, where the university is located, is quaint and old-world style with many cafés, pubs, and shops. Prices in Antwerp are moderate and the Belgian Waffles, sold hot off the griddle, are reason enough to visit.

Term Dates

2008 Term: January 7 - April 18.

Some courses may be shorter than the full semester or on an inconsistent timetable because some professors are visitors and teach at other schools or work in industry.

Courses Available

Courses mostly focus on Management and Finance. Intensive Dutch course available if student goes for entire term, starting in January. Can take courses from the Master in Global Management Programme and MBA programme, but selection is limited. There are approx. 8 courses to choose from and the typical MIB will have to take 3-4 courses.


English in specific courses and among students; predominantly French around town.

Credit Conversions & Grading

Minimum Credit Requirements

None known.

Estimated Costs

$1100 per month.


Some "student residences" are available. There are many apartments/flats in area also; they are more expensive closer to the university & downtown area. School international office offers limited assistance with house/flat hunting and roommate matching if needed.


Travel Opportunities

Antwerp has two major railway stations: Central, which is a monument in itself, and Berchem. There are international trains to Paris and Lille and national trains going directly to Ghent, Bruges, Ostend, Brussels, Charleroi, Hasselt, Liège and Turnhout. Antwerp International Airport is in the district of Deurne. VLM Airlines flies to London (City Airport) and Manchester in England. Brussels Airport is about 45 km from the city of Antwerp, and connects the city worldwide. The airport is connected by bus and by train to the city centre of Antwerp.

Contacts Abroad

Wim Van Driessen
Coordinator of Graduate Programs
Universiteit Antwerpen Management School
Het Brantijser, Sint-Jacobsmarkt 9-13
2000 Antwerpen BELGIUM
Tel: +32 (3) 220 49 42
Fax: +32 (3) 220 49 53
Email (Wim.vandriessen at