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Career Development

Getting an MBA is a major milestone in your career development. You will invest a significant amount of time and money in earning your degree. Shouldn't you have a plan on how to maximize that investment? To help our students answer that question, UF MBA and Business Career Services has partnered together to offer you the following career development services:

  • Career assessments by CareerLeader
  • Remote Video Interviewing through CareerConnection
    • Prepare and receive feedback on your interview performance by participating in a virtual practice interview. Watch and hear your responses, and email your interview to be critiqued by others.
  • Career Development Media Library consisting of handouts and guides
  • Opportunity to participate in future Career Development Webinars
  • Career Development related events including:
    • Graduate Business Career Fairs
    • National MBA Career Fairs
    • Professional Development Day
    • Special Networking Events
    • Fall CRC Career Showcase
    • Corporate Information Sessions
  • Access to MBA Focus and related content such as:
    • A dedicated Working Professional UF MBA Resume Book
    • Job Board contains hundreds of the world's biggest and best employers
    • Learn more and get started...

MBA for Professionals Students

Many of the students enrolled in the external degree programs offered by the UF MBA Programs receive some degree of financial sponsorship from their employers. This financial sponsorship presents ethical dilemmas when it comes to using certain services provided by Business Career Services. Because of this, the UF MBA Programs have adopted the following guidelines:

  1. Students who are paying for 100% of their education are free to utilize all career service resources and do not need permission from their current employer to do so. These students will have access to the staff of our office and are encouraged to take advantage of our services. These services would include career advising, helping to establish a clearly defined career plan, resume preparation, interviewing and communication skills, etc.
  2. Students who are receiving any degree of financial sponsorship from their company must first receive permission from their current employer (immediate supervisor) to participate in career-switching activities. Once they have received this permission, they will have the same access as those students who are financing 100 percent of their education.
  3. Because you are members of the University of Florida community, all students have full access to all of the services offered by the University’s Career Resource Center.

ALL UF MBA for Professionals students who wish to utilize Business Career Services for any reason must complete the MBA for Professionals Access Form prior to receiving career services.


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