UF's Business Career Services is committed to ensuring that business students obtain positions that match their skills and career goals. Our office offers a full range of career planning and job search support services and maintains valuable employer relationships to enhance employment prospects. Our staff provides a wealth of expertise in helping individuals develop and focus their career goals, educating and preparing students to develop a career develop strategy, networking opportunities and assisting students in securing internship and permanent positions.

We encourage you to begin the search early and to actively utilize the resources available through Business Career Services and the Career Resource Center (CRC).

Career Planning

Students in business programs are assigned to one of our associate directors, who acts as their career advisor. Students in all programs are encouraged to meet with their career advisor on a regular basis for career counseling, resume and cover letter review, and job search assistance. To schedule a career counseling appointment it is best to email the appropriate Business Career Services associate director and ask for an appointment. Students will be told who their career advisor is during their program orientation.


Florida graduate business students enjoy the following benefits of Business Career Services:

  • Individual career advisement
  • Career assessments
  • Resume and job search correspondence review
  • Mock interviews
  • Employment outreach
  • Lists of current employment openings
  • Internship search services
  • Workshops on various career related topics
  • On-campus recruiting program
  • Corporate site visits
  • University of Florida Career Showcase
  • Graduate Business "Gator Graduate Career Day" Job Fair/Career Hiring Forum
  • Regional recruiting events
  • Career Library
  • Reference books and directories
  • Resume & Cover Letter Development
  • Strategies and Action Plans
  • CareerConnection Online Recruiting Portal (up to 3 months after graduation date)

Frequently Asked Questions

Career Services

  • What and where is Business Career Services?

    Business Career Services works only with students enrolled in graduate business programs. Our office is located in Hough Hall, Room 350.

  • What is the difference between Business Career Services and the CRC?

    Business Career Services works all students enrolled in Warrington College of Business. The Career Resource Center assists University of Florida students, including graduate business students. Both offices organize career fairs and coordinate on-campus recruiting programs. Students can, and are advised to, make use of both offices.

  • Where is the Career Resource Center (CRC)?

    The CRC is located on the first floor of the J. Wayne Reitz Union, which is on the main part of the University of Florida (UF) campus. It is the central career services operation for the University.

  • Where do interviews take place?

    On-campus interviews for business students can take place in either Business Career Services or the CRC. If interview schedules are arranged through our office, they will usually be held in Business Career Services suite of offices on the third floor of Hough Hall. Career Fair interviews are also in this area. If the company is interviewing through the CRC, the interviews will be held at the Reitz Student Union, in the Career Resources Center suite of offices. Please make sure you take note of the date, time and location of all on-campus interviews prior to your interview date.

    Note: If you appear for an on-campus interview at the wrong location, it might cause you to miss the appointment, since the Business Career Services and CRC are not located near each other.

  • Where and when does career counseling take place?

    Students can schedule appointments with their career advisor by phone or email at any time during the year between 9 AM - 4 PM. Career counseling appointments take place in Business Career Services, Room HGS 350.

  • How can I decide what career is right for me?

    Meet with your career advisor and utilize the Career Leader self-assessment instrument. Once you've completed that instrument you can talk with your advisor to gain a fuller understanding of your career choices.

  • Do I need to schedule counseling appointments or can I just drop in?

    You have a better chance of seeing your advisor if you schedule an appointment in advance. You can call or email the Business Career Services staff to schedule an appointment. Students can schedule appointments with our staff at any time during the year between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. If you have quick questions that aren't too involved, you may walk-in, but there is always a chance that the advisor you need to talk with will be busy with another student.

  • What if I miss my counseling appointment?

    Contact the advisor with whom you had the appointment and explain why you were unable to keep the appointment. At that time, it will be possible to reschedule that meeting.


  • What if I'm not able to attend a Business Career Services workshop?

    Check the Career Media Library webpage. It may also be possible to make an appointment with the Business Career Services staff person who conducted the workshop. That way, you will be able to get the information that you missed, though you may not get all of the information from the workshop, since much information may have been discussed in the question and answer period that was not covered during the presentation or in the handouts. It is always advisable to attend the workshop.

  • How can I find out what workshops are occurring and when?

    Business Career Services events are advertised by email to all graduate business students. You are advised to also stop in our office to check for workshops.

Corporate Presentations & Networking

  • How can I find out when and where a company will be presenting on-campus?

    All corporate events will be listed in CareerConnection and Monthly Emails will be sent to all graduate business students. Be sure to check those emails as soon as you receive them so you don't miss out on any opportunities.

  • What should I wear to corporate presentations?

    Remember that you are a representative of the UF Warrington College of Business at these events. Most presentations are business casual unless advertised differently. On occasion, and with notice, more formal or casual attire might be acceptable.

    Please remember to always be sure to turn off all your electronic equipment: cell phones, PDAs and laptops, before the beginning of each presentation.

  • I have a meeting before/after a corporate presentation, is it okay to attend part of the session?

    Make every effort to be on-time for all presentations. If you MUST arrive late or leave early, position yourself quietly next to a door and do not cause a disturbance by walking into or out of the room during the middle of a presentation.

  • What preparation is required of me before a corporate presentation?

    Do some homework on the company that is presenting. During the Q&A session, be prepared with some relevant questions. Ask only questions which would benefit the group as a whole rather than specific questions relating to your circumstances. Save the questions that relate to your specific circumstances for a time following the presentation when you will be able to talk with recruiters one-on-one. Following each presentation, please thank the presenters for coming to UF and sharing their knowledge and thoughts with you, and ask for a business card to use for a "thank you" note and possible future contact.

  • Where can I find out more information about a company?

    Review the company web site for all relevant information. Wet Feet Press and Vault Reports, available on-line, are excellent resources of information. Also, if the employer is of particular interest to you, do a LEXIS/NEXIS search to find articles written about this company in recent business publications. Business Career Services might also have corporate literature available, so check in Hough Hall, Room 350.

  • Should I bring a copy of my resume?

    If you are particularly interested in this employer, it is never a bad idea to have an updated and focused resume with you when you attend presentations. Offer it to the presenter at the end of the presentation during your one-on-one time. Do not bring an unfocused resume or one of poor quality. If you do not have a quality resume available, ask the presenter for a business card and send your resume to them as soon after the presentation as possible.


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