On-Campus Recruiting

On-Campus Recruiting is the most valuable and effective way to recruit Gator Graduate Business talent for your organization. Your presence on campus will also increase the overall brand awareness that your company has in the eyes of our students. By partnering with Business Career Services, we will work with you one-on-one to create a personalized and effective on-campus recruiting strategy that meets and exceeds your talent acquisition goals. There is truly no better way to fully assess our graduate business talent than by meeting them in person and seeing for yourself, our future corporate executives that the Hough Graduate School of Business is proud to produce.

To ensure a valuable presence on campus, we recommend getting involved in the following opportunities:

  • Host an Employer Information/Networking Session
    Organizations may wish to provide interested graduate students with general information about the company, various training programs, and typical career paths. These presentations can assist students in better defining their career paths, and help the company brand themselves to the students as well as provide an on-campus presence for the recruiter. Company presentations are generally during lunchtime or after hours, informal, 50 to 90 minute forums that allow recruiters to meet students.
  • Attend the Gator Graduate Career Fair
    This event, organized by our office, is held each Fall semester in Gainesville, and provides a great opportunity to meet students from all seven graduate business programs. Those students will be looking for summer internships as well as full-time positions.
  • On-Campus Recruiting
    The best way to meet UF graduate business students, and assess their abilities, is to request résumés of graduate business students and then arrange an on-campus interview schedule. We can accommodate you if you need highly qualified individuals to fill full-time positions or summer internships.
  • Career Panels
    During the fall orientation and/or other times in the semester, our office organizes career panels for the students to gain a different perspective on various subject matters. Corporate partners are asked to send managers back to the school to sit on career panels and discuss topics directly related to the students and the workforce. We like to have these events take place prior to recruiting season for the first-year students so they can gain insight on topics like interviewing and the job search process, i.e., what employers are looking for when they come to campus. These managers provide a seasoned perspective on effective interviewing during a panel discussion, and later conduct a Q&A session for the students. If your organization is interested in participating in any of our career panels, please contact us at (352) 373-3264 and speak to any of our associate directors.
  • Career Development Workshops
    While our office offers a myriad of career development workshops addressing a wide range of job searching issues, students prefer to hear from actual employers, those individuals who can potentially directly affect their job search. Workshop topics include: résumé writing, job search strategies, making the best use of career fairs, career forums, and interview techniques. If you are interested in giving or participating in a workshop, or sitting on a career panel, please contact one of our associate directors.


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