Recruiting future leadership for your company is easy at the Hough Graduate School of Business. Graduate Business Career Services (GBCS) is committed to working with companies like yours in an effort to meet your talent acquisition objectives. Our goal is to create and facilitate a valuable recruiting experience that empowers our team to deliver invaluable client service. Our consultative approach in working with you ensures that you are attracting, interviewing and hiring the right talent for your organization. We invite you to learn more about Graduate Business Career Services at the Hough Graduate School of Business, and the future leaders of your organization.

Hire a Business Gator Grad

When offering recruiting services to employers, we work with offices and companies as small as two employees and with corporations numbering thousands of workers. Our services to graduate business students encompass all of our Master Programs:

  • MBA

  • Master of Science in Finance

    Program Stats

    Average GMAT (Class of 2011) 694
    Average GPA 3.7 - 3.8
    Males 80%
    Females 20%
    International (non-U.S. Citizens) < 5%
  • Master of Science in Real Estate

    Program Stats

    Average GMAT 620
    Average undergrad GPA 3.44
    Males 91.3%
    Females 8.7%
    International (non-U.S. Citizens) 26.1%
    Average work experience 5 yrs
  • Master of International Business

    Program Stats

    MA-International Business Program – Class of 2011
    Students began program in Spring 2010, Summer 2010 & Fall 2010
    Number of Students Enrolled 115
    Average GPA Overall 3.54
    Average GPA Upper division 3.54
    Average GMAT 505
    Average GRE 1074
    International (non-U.S. Citizens) 27 / 23%
    Male 55 / 48%
    Female 60 / 52%
    Students with previous work experience (range 10 - 54 months) N/A
    Proficiency in a foreign language (intermediate level or above) 41 / 36%
    Studied or lived outside of home country (10 weeks or longer) 40 / 35%
    Proficient in a foreign language or studied/lived outside home country (10 weeks or longer) 72 / 63%
  • Master of Science in Management

    Program Stats

    Master of Science in Management
    Students began program in Spring 2010, Summer 2010 & Fall 2010
    Number of Students Enrolled 109
    Average GPA Overall 3.37
    Average GPA Upper division 3.43
    Average GMAT 572
    Average GRE 1112
    International (non-U.S. Citizens) 18 / 17%
    Male 58 / 53%
    Female 51 / 47%
    Students with previous work experience (range 10 - 54 months) 5 / 5%
  • Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management

  • Master of Science in Entrepreneurship

    Program Stats

    Average GMAT 615
    Average GRE 1180
    Average GPA 3.6
    Males 70%
    Females 30%
    International (non-U.S. Citizens) 20%
    Average work experience of students 0 yrs


  • What is the difference between GBCS and the Career Resource Center (CRC) on campus?

    GBCS works only with graduate business students enrolled in Hough Graduate School of Business. The Career Resource Center assists University of Florida students, including graduate business students. Both offices organize career fairs and coordinate on-campus recruiting programs. Graduate students can, and are advised to, make use of both offices.

  • Does the GBCS charge for their services?

    No, it is offered as a convenience to employers free of charge. The only fees are for Career Fair participant reservations/tables.

  • What is CareerConnection?

    CareerConnection gives employers and recruiters a way to interact and communicate with the students by positing full-time jobs and summer internships, schedule on-campus interviews, information sessions and sign ups for Career Fairs. CareerConnection is also an online career database for students that allows them to research employers, find jobs and internships, apply for on-campus interviews and events. CareerConnection gives the students the ability to create a profile and online resume helping employers recruit new talent.

  • How do I post jobs or internships online?

    Companies can post job opportunities on-line through CareerConnection. You have complete control and can log in at any to post jobs, and view job applicant activity. CareerConnection gives you the option to have resumes submitted either through this system or via email address. Resume books can also be generated once the application window is closed. Please note you must first register for an account.

  • What is on-campus recruitment (OCR)?

    The best way to meet UF graduate business students, and assess their abilities, is to request resumes of graduate business students and then arrange an on-campus interview schedule. GBCS can accommodate you if you need highly qualified individuals to fill full-time positions or summer internships.

  • What are the on-campus recruiting policies?

    Please refer to our GBCS Principles for Employment Professionals for more information.

  • How can I participate in events? How do I know what events are coming up?

    Periodically check the events section of our website and the announcements listed in CareerConnection. Another good resource is our recruiting calendar that is continuously updated.

  • How can I participate in the Employer Information/Networking Sessions or Company Presentations?

    On-campus company presentations are free of charge. These presentations can assist students in better defining their career paths, and help the company sell themselves to the students as well as provide an on-campus presence for the recruiter. Company presentations are generally during lunchtime or after hours, informal, 50 to 90 minute forums that allow recruiters to meet students.

    Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling a presentation. GBCS will reserve the space, the audio/visual equipment needed, and post the upcoming presentation in CareerConnection and in our Student Newsletters.


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