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Hiring International Students is Easier Than you Think!

As large multinational companies seek to compete in the global economy, it is becoming more and more apparent that they need top professional talent that can bring a unique, global perspective and diversification to their business that gives them a competitive edge.

International students bring new insights and fresh ideas to your business. “Because they have made a deliberate decision to migrate to a new environment, they are generally much more focused than the average student, and they are extremely goal oriented,” said Ana Romero, Sr. Associate Director at GBCS, who serves as career advisor to students in the Master in International Business and Master of Science in Management Programs.

Shilpi Rawat

Many employers throughout the United States shy away from hiring international students. There is a perception that they will be burdened with extra administrative work, or that the process will be long and involved. However, getting permission for international students to work in the U.S. is not as difficult as most employers think, as most of the paperwork is handled by the students, the university, and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

While some international students are placed in direct hire positions each year upon graduation, the great majority of these students are hired into internship roles first, and later transition into a full-time position with the company they interned for.

“My internship with Citi last summer as a Business Analyst was like a 10-week interview process,” says Shilpi Rawat, who has already accepted a full-time position with Citi after graduation next spring. Shilpi worked on several high level assignments for Citi last summer, including working with cross- functional teams to conduct a feasibility analysis in support of a systems migration project for the company. “It was an invaluable experience,” she says. “I worked very hard to add technical value to the project, while also taking advantage of the networking opportunities I had with people outside my team.

“I met as many new people as I could, and tried to learn more about them and what they did in their jobs, which greatly helped me decide what I wanted to do after graduation. My managers were able to see me grow and develop both my technical and social skills, so it made it easier for them to hire me.”

The following is a summary of ways you can hire an international student:

  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT) - Students who are in the U.S. on an F1 Student Visa qualify for CPT during the summer internship period. Summer employment authorization is issued directly by the university and no additional steps are required by the employer.
  • Optional Practical Training (OPT) – Students have full US work authorization as part of Optical Practical Training (OPT) for up to 12 months post-graduation from each degree level. Pre-completion OPT is always part-time and can be used at any time during the degree program. Post-completion OPT is full-time is granted only after graduation or completion of the degree program.
  • STEM OPT Extension – This can be authorized for an additional 17 months if the student is on post-completion OPT after completing a bachelor's, masters or doctoral degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), and has a job or offer from an employer registered in USCIS E-Verify Program.

Rankings News

Bloomberg Businessweek ranks UF MBA Among Nation's Top 25 Full-time Public Programs

UF MBA at the Hough Graduate School of Business ranked 24th among all U.S. public full-time MBA programs in Bloomberg Businessweek's “2014 Best U.S. Business Schools.” UF MBA, which was ranked 48th among both public and private programs, was the only full-time program from the state of Florida to appear in the overall top 50. "We are pleased to be recognized once again as one of the best MBA programs in the world by Bloomberg Businessweek, particularly given our strong showing in student quality, job offers and program value," said Alex Sevilla, Assistant Dean and Director of UF MBA Programs. "These are mission critical elements that define pre-eminence in MBA programs, and are each core factors that lead to a profound, life-changing experience at Florida for our MBA graduates." Read the full press release.

Warrington's master's programs rank among best in US, North America

The Warrington College of Business Administration had seven of its master's programs rank in the top 15 among U.S. public business programs in Eduniversal's Best Masters Rankings 2014/2015.

The College's Master of International Business (MIB) and Master of Science in Management (MSM) both ranked second among U.S. publics. The MIB program ranked ninth, and the MSM program ranked 13th among all US schools.

UF MBA at the Hough Graduate School of Business's Traditional (full-time) program was sixth among US publics and 28th among all US programs. Also appearing in the rankings were UF MBA's Working Professional Programs (14th among US publics, 32nd among all US schools), the Master of Accounting (MAcc) program (14th, 30th) and the Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management (ISOM) program (15th, 26th). Read the full press release.

Engaging Students!! How You Can Stay Involved Throughout the Year

The fall recruiting season may be over. However, the spring recruiting season is upon us, and there are many ways in which employers can stay involved with our students all year long:

Recruiting Activities

  • CareerConnection
    CareerConnection is GBCS' free, online web portal, powered by Symplicity, where you can post jobs and internship opportunities for our students. Jobs posted through this system can be accessed by students and alumni from all seven of our graduate business programs within the Hough Graduate School of Business.
  • Information Sessions
    You can schedule Information Sessions at Hough Hall any time of year. Proactive employers who want to stay in touch with our students typically schedule them twice a year – Once in the fall preceding our Gator Graduate Career Fair; and in January or February during the spring recruiting season, in order to capture students for internships and direct-hire opportunities. Are you thinking of hiring interns in the spring? Do you have any “immediate hires” which you could consider May graduates for? Now is a great time to schedule an Information Session for those students that you want to target.
  • On-Campus Interviewing
    On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) is a great “first step” in meeting our students and evaluating them for your career opportunities. You can reserve a specific date that works best for your schedule in order to interview our students on campus, right here at Hough Hall. These interviews are managed through CareerConnection and by the GBCS OCR Team.
  • GBCS Sponsored Career Fairs
    Graduate Business Career Services (GBCS) holds a career fair every fall. We will also be holding two career fairs in the spring – our “Just in Time Career Fair” taking place on Friday, February 20th and our "Stay in the Swamp" career fair, targeted for Gainesville companies, which will take place March 19th.

Networking Events

Even though you may not actively be looking to hire students immediately, there are many things you can do that will help you keep your talent pipeline full, and continue to build your brand here at the Hough Graduate School of Business:

  • Workshops
    Take part in the GBCS Career Development Workshop Series! Here you can present to our students on such topics as improving their interviewing skills, the art of networking, how to build a professional brand image, or feel free to customize your own. You can also take part in volunteering for mock interview days here on campus.
  • Hough Hall Office Hours and "Meet and Greets"
    Graduate Business Career Services can provide you with dedicated meeting space where you can facilitate more of an informal setting in order to meet our students and alumni through “open office hours.” This environment provides our students with a more "relaxed" environment in which to meet with recruiters and hiring managers.

Corporate Site Visits

Hosting HGSB students at your company is a fun and exciting way in which our students can “walk the halls” of your company and get a taste of your culture and environment. By hosting a Corporate Site Visit, a group of students actually visit your locale, providing them an opportunity to interact with recruiters and top executives on-site at your company. You say you can't make it to campus? No problem; we will bring our students to you!

Sponsorship of Events

Sponsorship of GBCS special programming and events go a long way in increasing your branding on campus. Such events can consist of Corporate Roundtable Luncheons to sponsorship opportunities for our annual Professional Development Day. Other sponsorship possibilities can include football tailgate parties, case competitions, and "new student" orientations.

Questions about what might work best for your organization? A lot will depend upon what your immediate goals are, your company culture, and the image you want to project to students. Feel free to reach out to us at 352-273-3262.

The Lifeline of Virtual Recruiting - Information Sessions

The fall recruiting season can be challenging at best, and a company with an understaffed talent acquisition team, a lack of travel resources, and compressed recruiting schedules has to find a way to prioritize campus visits. Some companies have policies that confine their recruiting to the regions in which they are located, or even to certain “core” schools that have programs of particular interest to them, such as Finance, Marketing, or Supply Chain. However, during any particular recruiting season, companies are not always able to meet all of its recruitment needs through these schools.

Virtual information sessions provide a great avenue for companies to attract candidates that they are unable to visit in person. They are also an excellent way to reduce campus recruiting costs, attract students to far-reaching locations, and convey an image of being an innovative, forward-thinking company, which can be very appealing to new college graduates.

“Adobe Connect is a wonderful resource for both our employers and our students,” says Craig W. Petrus, Director of Graduate Business Career Services. “It is a very interactive tool which can be customized. For example, we recently had a virtual information session hosted by Procter & Gamble. The facilitator at P&G, while sitting in Cincinnatti, Ohio, was able to conduct a power point presentation from her own conference room, while having the ability to view her student audience and communicate with them back and forth with ease.”

Our Career Services Office encourages employers who are interested in conducting a virtual information session to reach out to us. “While Adobe Connect has proven to be very useful to us, if employers have their own propriety software, we can certainly work with what they have,” Petrus said.

Petrus also noted that although Information Sessions can play a big role in a company's virtual college recruitment strategy, it's not the only method available to employers who can't make it to campus. “There are many different variations for virtual recruiting that can work,” he says. “For example, some employers engage with our students via conference calls. For a session like this, the employer may choose to post the job description a few weeks ahead of time, then schedule a conference call to engage our students. This provides the employer the opportunity to explain the role in greater detail, all while providing our students the opportunity to have their questions answered, on the spot.

“Our overall goal is to do whatever we can to connect our students with employers” Petrus said. “If an employer is limited by staff, time, money or resources, we want to be as flexible and as creative as possible in creating a great opportunity for all involved.”

Mark Your Calendars!

Spring 2015

  • Just-in-Time Career Fair
    February 20, 2015
  • Stay in the Swamp Career Fair
    March 19, 2015

Fall 2015

  • GBCS Professional Development Day
    September 11, 2015
  • Gator Graduate Career Fair & Interview Day
    October 8th and 9th, 2015

If you are interested in any of these events, please call 352-273-3262 for more information.

Alumni Spotlight

Don Tesiero

Don Tesiero
Vice President and Senior Division Counsel

Don Tesiero has worn a lot of hats over the years – businessman, attorney, banker, civic leader. Anyone who has had the privilege of becoming acquainted with him knows that he seeks to make a difference in whatever role he is in. And it doesn't take long for someone in his presence to recognize that he's a passionate supporter of the UF MBA Program and the Gator Nation. Don received his undergraduate degree in Political Science from Columbia University, then went on to graduate from Albany Law School of Union University where he served as Articles Editor of the Albany Law Review. One of the first graduates of UF's Executive MBA Program, Don earned his MBA in 2001. He decided to pursue an MBA after working for more than a decade as an attorney focusing on business litigation, loan restructuring and workouts, and creditors' rights.

While pursuing his MBA, Don worked as a Manager for SunTrust Bank, where he managed sales and underwriting groups for Business Banking in North Florida. After graduation, he went to work for Black Knight Financial Services (formerly Lender Processing Services). Don's position as Vice President and Senior Division Counsel there provides an opportunity for him to utilize both his business acumen and legal skills. He has been responsible for advising and providing legal direction to multiple business divisions, negotiating complex contracts with large institutions, and developing strategic alliances. “My MBA is invaluable when it comes to managing the broad range of issues that I deal with on a daily basis,” he says.

Don has long been recognized as a leader, as he was asked to be the Keynote Speaker at his MBA graduation ceremony. He established some great connections while at UF, and wanted to find a way to give back to the MBA community. A member of the UF MBA Advisory Board for the past 11 years, Don led the charge for the board for four years as Chairman (he stepped down earlier this year when John Walsh from Disney took the reign). "I believe it's important for board leadership to change, and for someone else to have the opportunity to put their stamp on the program," he says. “It's been a real privilege to be part of the board, and it's been amazing watching it grow, develop, and transform into a real working board that's actualizing its mission. Unlike most volunteer boards, our objective is not to raise money: it's to place students in jobs.”

The advisory board, which meets twice a year on campus, traditionally had a long list of members, Don notes, and day-long meetings centered around updates on the program. “It's quite a time commitment – and a worthy one,” he explains, “But we have transformed these meetings into work days which allow us to measure our success. We now interact with students on a more personal level and are able to contribute to their professional development by being involved in activities such as critiquing their 30-second elevator pitches, meeting with them in small groups, learning more about who they are and where their interests lie, and facilitating functional and industry connections for them. Many of these introductions have translated into actual job opportunities.”

“Another positive change has been the merger of the Professional MBA Board with the original MBA Advisory Board, therefore creating synergy and adding additional perspective to our discussions. I liken the transformation to watching my wife (who earned her landscape architecture degree at UF) pruning a tree one fall, and remembering how it blossomed in the spring. We're in a good place,” Don says.

In between meeting days on campus, the UF MBA Board now has Regional Board Teams that have periodic conference call meetings to keep the momentum going. “This means that we now have a great flow of communication between Graduate Business Career Services, the UF MBA Office, and board members. Our placements play a big part in our rankings, and our board has been rejuvenated – It has gotten better and stronger over the years, and we have people on it who are willing to put in the time and effort to make the kind of meaningful contributions that bring strength to the UF MBA brand.”

Contact Us

If you have questions about our programs, services, and events, or are interested in hosting or participating in any of the events sponsored by the Graduate Business Career Services Office, please email (weida.tucker at Weida Tucker, Associate Director of Corporate Relations and editor of this publication, or call her at 352-273-3262. You may also contact Craig W. Petrus, Director of Graduate Business Career Services, via email (craig.petrus at

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We are proud to bring you the Gator Corporate Connection, a publication produced by Graduate Business Career Services (GBCS) at the Hough Graduate School of Business. GBCS is separate and apart from the Career Resource Center (CRC), which provides career services to support the entire student population at the University of Florida. Our goal is to keep you informed about the programs and services that specifically support our graduate business students, and provide a venue for you to create a corporate presence here at the Hough Graduate School of Business. We are always interested in developing new recruitment partnerships with companies that are seeking graduate business talent to fill positions for their Leadership Development Programs, direct hire, full-time positions, or internship roles.


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