Why Choose Florida?

What makes the University of Florida a great place to earn your Ph.D. in Management? Three factors are particularly important: the productivity of our faculty, our student-focused climate, and the cutting edge training that students receive.

Faculty Productivity

When it comes to gaining research skills, Ph.D. students learn by doing. Having a productive faculty gives students more opportunities to get involved in projects and more opportunities to build their research portfolio. A joint study by Texas A&M University and the University of Florida showed that our faculty has published 58 articles in top Management journals from 2005 to 2010. Given the size of our faculty, those numbers rank Florida as one of the most productive departments in the country.

Student Focus

Having a productive faculty only benefits Ph.D. students when students are included in that productivity. At Florida, students are encouraged to join research projects from day one. As they progress in the program, their responsibilities deepen to the point where they can become the ones who suggest research topics, craft manuscripts, and manage the review process. Moreover, students are not merely expected to contribute to the existing research streams of the faculty. Instead, the faculty are willing to explore new and emerging areas that are of interest to Ph.D. students. Our current students are working on 41 projects with our faculty, all geared towards publication in top-tier journals.

Cutting-Edge Training

Of course, the education itself is also a core component of any Ph.D. program. At Florida, Ph.D. coursework occurs during the first two years of the program. It includes 9 semester and half-semester departmental seminars, covering research methods, micro content areas, and macro content areas.

  • MAN 7108 Research Methods in Management
  • MAN 7109 Motivation and Attitudes
  • MAN 7267 Groups and Teams
  • MAN 6930 Affect and Cognition
  • MAN 7328 Human Resource Staffing
  • MAN 7779 Process of Strategic Management
  • MAN 7778 Content of Strategic Management
  • MAN 7207 Foundations of Organization Theory
  • MAN 7208 Contemporary Organization Theory

Coursework also includes five statistics classes outside the department, with the specific set tailored to students' backgrounds and interests. Some of the options for those classes include:

  • STA 6126 Statistics I
  • STA 6127 Statistics II
  • EDF 7405 Regression
  • EDF 7412 Structural Equation Modeling
  • EDF 7474 Hierarchical Linear Modeling
  • HSA 6930 Social Networks
  • AEB 6571 Econometrics I
  • AEB 6572 Econometrics II


Deadline: January 15, 2014


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