Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?
Most students complete the program in five years. Students typically interview for jobs during the fall of their fifth year and complete their final dissertation defense in the spring of their fifth year.
Is there a part-time, weekend, or distance version of the program?
No. Getting a Ph.D. is not just about coursework—it includes an apprenticeship component where students learn to conduct research side-by-side with faculty. That experience requires a full-time, in-residence commitment.
Do students receive financial assistance?
Yes. All students who are admitted into the program receive a stipend of at least $30,000 a year. Students also receive a full tuition waiver.
How many students do you admit?
We typically admit between 2 and 4 students each fall (we do not admit students in the spring). Sometimes we prioritize micro track applicants (e.g., organizational behavior) and sometimes we prioritize macro track applicants (e.g., strategic management). We anticipate admitting students in both tracks for the 2017 class.
Do I need a Masters degree?
No. Roughly half of our current Ph.D. students have MBA's or other masters degrees, with half having only undergraduate degrees. Please note that, because of the differences in emphasis between Ph.D. coursework and masters coursework, credits can rarely be transferred.
What are the typical test scores for admitted students?
Most of our students have GMAT scores around 700 (or GRE scores around 1400). The typical scores of cohorts do vary from year-to-year, however.
When will I hear whether I have been accepted?
We typically make our admissions decisions in early February.
How much teaching do students do?
Ph.D. students teach one section in their third, fourth, and fifth years in the program (so three sections altogether). Micro track students typically teach two sections of organizational behavior and one section of human resource management. Macro track students typically teach two sections of strategic management and one section of organizational behavior.


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