GSIF New Analyst Training

New analyst training is an 8-week process designed to give new members an actionable set of skills that will prepare them to operate autonomously as fully functioning analysts.

First, new members are introduced to a mental framework that will allow them to approach idea generation from the perspective of a value investor. Then, they learn a comprehensive due diligence and valuation process that is complimented by training in professional research software – Capital IQ and Bloomberg.


Training consists of weekly topical discussions with the portfolio managers, case studies, new analyst presentations, assigned homework / reading, and conversations around professional opportunities in the industry.

  1. Week 1: Value Investing
  2. Week 2: Financial Accounting
  3. Week 3: Financial Analysis
  4. Week 4: Time Value of Money
  5. Week 5: Relative Valuation
  6. Week 6: Intrinsic Valuation
  7. Week 7: Excel & PowerPoint Best Practices
  8. Week 8: CapIQ & Bloomberg Best Practices

Risk Team Training

Members of the risk team participate in an additional training process where they learn the fundamentals behind managing our portfolio’s risk.

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