Certificate in Supply Chain Management

The Certificate in Supply Chain Management provides graduate business students with a unique educational opportunity to integrate topics from operations management, information systems, marketing and strategic management related to complex supply chain management systems.

In general, a supply chain/logistics system can be viewed as a set of interconnected linkages required to transforming ideas into delivered products and/or services. Firms are increasingly using outsourcing as a means to gain a competitive edge. The expansion of global markets and increased opportunities to procure and sell products/services in these markets has led to an increased need for managers who develop global outsourcing and marketing strategies. For these and other reasons, companies are increasing their focus on efficiently operating supply chains.

This is an interdisciplinary program (operations, marketing, information systems, and management) which trains students to develop an integrated perspective in managing large national or multinational supply chains. Students are also exposed to one Enterprise Resource Planning System (SAP R/3) which facilitates integrated decision-making in the chain. On completion of the certificate, students usually are recruited by top consulting firms with ERP/supply chain practices or by the larger corporations (Ford CSX, etc.) which need experts to address problems in a large-scale supply chain.

Students interested in the SCM Certificate should return to this page in the term they are graduating and fill out the application form to register for the courses needed to obtain the certificate. This form must be completed prior to the Graduate School's "midpoint of term" deadline. Failure to apply for the certificate will result in not receiving the certificate even if all of the course requirements have been completed.

NOTE: the process for registering for certificates has changed. You will no longer be given priority registration for certificate courses. Each module, you will be able to register for certificate courses during regular course registration, no exceptions.

Required Courses (12 credits):

  • ISM 6128 - Advanced Business Systems Design and Development I (2 credits)
    Object-oriented analysis and model specification for business software systems. Articulation of key requirements (data, processes, physical components, deployment) using logical modeling methodologies.
    Prereq: None
    Offered Fall and Spring, Modules 1 & 3
  • ISM 6222 - Business Telecom Strategy and Applications I (2 credits)
    Survey of networking technologies used in WWW and e-commerce. TC/IP networks and related security, networking hardware, and Internet software standards.
    Prereq: None
    Offered Fall and Spring, Modules 1 & 3
  • QMB 6755 – Managerial Quantitative Analysis I (2 credits)
    Survey of deterministic models for managerial decision making. Emphasizes mathematical programming.
    Prereq: None
    Offered Fall and Spring, Modules 1 & 3
  • MAN 6511 - Production Management Problems (2 credits)
    Problems in the management of industrial enterprise; management principles and mathematical analysis applied to manufacturing; product development and production; materials and production control; employee relations.
    Prereq: None
    Offered Fall and Spring, Module varies
  • MAN 6528 - Principles of Logistics/Transportation Systems (2 credits)
    Logistics management in current business environment.
    Prereq: QMB 6755
    Offered Fall and Spring, Module varies
  • MAN 6573 - Purchasing and Materials Management (2 credits)
    Industrial/institutional purchasing cycle for operating supplies, raw materials, components and capital equipment within context of materials management organizational concepts. Basic principles, policies, and procedures involved in requirement determination; procurement decision process; purchasing function; and materials management concept, organization, and philosophy.
    Prereq: None
    Offered Fall and Spring, Module varies


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