MBA Certificate in Financial Services

In the last 25 years, growth in the financial services sector has been explosive. The number of Americans investing in financial markets is at an all time high. Mutual funds alone, which 40 years ago numbered only in the dozens, now number over 3,000. Mergers, acquisitions, online trading, IPOs - more than ever, there is a need for trained professionals to service the multitude of needs that accompany today's complex global financial network. People who understand stock valuation and can make the right decisions for their companies; market analysts who monitor those companies and give investment advice to their clients; venture capitalists who know how to finance deals for maximum value - and so much more.

The Financial Services Certificate Program is designed to prepare students for a career in the financial services industry, brokering stocks and bonds, analyzing securities, or other positions of responsibility. To fulfill certificate requirements, at least five of the classes below must be completed.

  • FIN 6465 Financial Statement Analysis
  • FIN 6427 Measuring and Managing Value
  • ENT 6416 Venture Finance
  • FIN 6429 Financial Decision Making
  • FIN 6537 Derivative Securities
  • FIN 6545 Fixed Income Security Valuation
  • FIN 6547 Interest Rate Risk Management
  • FIN 6930 Special Topics in Investment Finance
  • FIN 6930 Asset Allocation & Investment Strategy


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