South African Economic Regulators Conference

August 21 - 22, 2012
Johannesburg, South Africa

As the newest member of the emerging markets group BRICS, South Africa plays an important role in the global economy. The continued development of regional infrastructure is critical to South Africa’s ability to expand this role in the future. The role of regulation and government policy in this development was the focus of the inaugural South African Economic Regulators Conference held in Johannesburg on August 21 and 22, and PURC was pleased with the opportunity to participate in the discussions. Before an audience of 250 regulators, government officials, and industry professionals from across the region, Director of Energy Studies Ted Kury presented two papers written by PURC researchers. The first, "New Tools for Regulators in Addressing the Impact of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policy," co-authored by Sandy Berg and Kury, focused on the role of government and the regulator in assimilating new sources of energy into the existing electricity system. The second, "Execution and Leadership: Fulfilling Conflicting Responsibilities in Utility Regulation" by Mark Jamison and Araceli Castaneda, discussed strategies for managing the conflict between the regulator’s role as implementer of public policy, and providing leadership in a time of policy change.


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