Partnerships & Collaborations

In addition to our colleagues at the University of Florida, we collaborate with partners in research and education worldwide to produce instructional resources, such as the Body of Knowledge on Infrastructure Regulation website for practitioners. These collaborations have enabled us to build an extensive network of utility and regulatory experts around the world, leading to the development of new data, understanding and applications in the field.

Yearly Collaborations


September 2011 - 39th Telecommunications Policy Research Conference: Contrary to convention wisdom, a merger between two large mobile telecom companies can benefit customers. This was the surprising message delivered by PURC Director Dr. Mark Jamison at the 39th TPRC in Arlington, Virginia. The case in point was the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile's U.S. operations by AT&T.


October 2010 - What are the key issues that state legislators face on wireless telecommunications? What core knowledge do they need to address these challenges? These topics were addressed at Wireless U., a program of the National Conference of State Legislators delivered with the assistance of PURC and with the financial support of CTIA-The Wireless Association. The event in San Francisco offered state legislators sessions on wireless technologies 101, industry and market performance, jurisdiction, how wireless technologies are changing work and society, e-health, smart grid, and industry finance.

September 2010 - PURC Director Mark Jamison and PURC Senior Fellow CD Hobbs delivered presentations at Telecommunications and Electric Utilities: Current Issues, an event organized by the Florida Bar Administrative Law Section Public Utilities Law Committee.

May 2010 - Congratulations to the University of Oulu's Maria Kopsakangas-Savolainen and Rauli Svento who were awarded the PURC-sponsored Best Paper Award at the 8th Annual International Industrial Organization Conference in May for their paper, Comparing Welfare Effects of Different Regulation Schemes: An Application to the Electricity Distribution Industry.

March 2010 - The PPRC (Robert F. Lanzillotti Public Policy Research Center) in the University of Florida Warrington College of Business sponsored the US Energy Policy in Transitions Conference: Answering the Questions of Today and Identifying the Questions of Tomorrow, in partnership with PURC (Public Utility Research Center) at UF. This event provided the opportunity for students, faculty, and practitioners to engage in discussions about current and developing energy policy in the United States.


October 2009 - The challenges facing state legislators as they design policies for an ever changing wireless telecommunication industry was the topic of the Wireless U. Communications Policy Seminar, a program of the National Conference of State Legislatures conducted with the assistance of PURC and CTIA - The Wireless Association. The event in San Diego, CA included 59 legislators from 27 states and featured a presentation by PURC Director Mark Jamison as well as roundtable discussions and presentations by former regulators, academics, and industry experts.

September 2009 - PURC was a sponsor of the Telecommunications Policy Research Conference (TPRC), in Arlington, VA. As a sponsor, TPRC extended on complimentary student registration to enable a UF student to attend. TPRC is the premier research conference on telecommunications policy in the United States, bringing together academics, industry, and government officials for an exchange of research and ideas.

September 2009 - Thirty-seven infrastructure professionals from Brazil learned how to develop indicators for sector performance during the PURC/ABAR course, Regulatory Challenges of Electric Power Supply and Sanitation in Brasilia. PURC and the Brazilian regulatory association, Associação Brasileira de Agências de Regulação (ABAR), collaborated in the development of sessions addressing current issues facing Brazilian utilities and regulators.


December 2008 - PURC co-sponsored with Gee Strategies Group an Energy Policy Leadership Summit for utility commissioners and the financial community in Orlando. The program included representatives from Wall Street investment firms, industry leaders, a member of the president-elect's transition team, and a leading political analyst for a post-election discussion about the implications of the November elections for energy policy in the United States.

November 2008 - PURC worked with CTIA – the Wireless Association® and the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) to provide "Wireless U. Communications Policy Seminar," a communications policy seminar for state policymakers. This effort sought to improve policymakers' understanding of the complex market dynamics, as well as the strategic imperatives and regulatory issues facing the communications industry today and in the future. The seminar incorporated speakers to set the stage for understanding the importance of wireless communications and deregulation and provide a vision for a dynamic mobile industry, plus informative, interactive sessions that provided legislators and key staff with a framework for understanding wireless issues and how important policy issues plug into that framework.

November 2008 - The Florida Communications Bar Association and PURC examined the dynamic changes occurring in telecommunications during Communicopia: Market Dynamics in Telecommunications, November 7 in Tallahassee.

October 2008 - Emerging Issues Policy Forum: Digital Pathway to U.S. Economic Recovery and Prosperity Summit - A bipartisan cross-section of industry, government, academic and consumer-interest organizations focused on the unrealized potential of broadband as an economic stimulus to address this nation's most pressing social issues. PURC was invited as the only academic center to develop program materials for the event featuring former FCC chairmen Michael Powell and Bill Kennard. We are in the process of compiling a report with the Joint Center for Political & Economic Studies which will be sent to the new administration in Washington, D.C.

September 2008 - PURC was an academic sponsor of the TPRC 36th Research Conference on Communication, Information, and Internet Policy in Virginia.

May 2008 - PURC co-sponsored the 2008 conference of the International Academy of African Business and Development at the University of Florida.


August 2007 - 2007 Frontiers in Managing Reform and Regulation of Infrastructure Utilities in Africa

April 14-15, 2007 - PURC helped sponsor the Fifth Annual International Industrial Organization Society Conference at the Coastal Georgia Center in Savannah.


November 2006 - PURC joined the Florida Chapter of the FCBA and the Florida Bar Public Utilities Law Committee to present a 2006 Florida Legislative Update program in Tallahassee. Focus was placed on recent Florida telecom and energy legislation, including telecom rate rebalancing, universal service, real estate/telecom negotiations, renewable energy, and plant and transmission line siting, as well as policy making predictions in light of the November elections.

November 2006 - PURC co-sponsored, with the Federal Communications Bar Association, a program in Washington, D.C. "VoIP and Broadband Developments in Europe and Asia." The program explored the development and regulation of VoIP and broadband in Europe and Asia and contrasted these developments to what is happening in the United States.

October 2006 - 2006 Frontiers in Managing Reform and Regulation of Infrastructure Utilities in Africa

September 2006 - PURC was an academic sponsor of the TPRC 34th Annual Research Conference on Communication, Information and Internet Policy in Virginia.


October 2005 - 2005 Frontiers in Managing Reform and Regulation of Infrastructure Utilities in Africa

March 31-April 1, 2005 - PURC/Askew Water Conference: How Should Florida's Water Supply Be Managed in Response to Growth?" (Orlando FL) - This meeting explored the problems and challenges Floridians face in planning for a reliable and affordable supply of water to meet the demands of a projected population of almost 22 million in the year 2020.

February 2005 - Joint Telecommunications Conference with the London Business School "The Future of Broadband: Wired & Wireless?" (Gainesville, FL) - This annual telecommunications conference brings together some of the best international researchers on communications issues. Demand for broadband and competition in providing broadband dominated the discussion at the conference.

2005 - We provide ITFlorida with student interns from UF who help the organization write its report to the Florida legislature. The students provide research on economic development, workforce development, universal access, broadband infrastructure, and e-government. Florida Governor Jeb Bush and PURC intern Alan Snipes at the 2005 ITFlorida Awards Gala in Orlando, Florida.


December 2004 - PURC in Washington, D.C., Formulating a Research Agenda for Communications Policy - Participants of this workshop, sponsored by PURC, the Public Policy Research Center at UF, and the Quello Center at Michigan State, engaged in discussion comparing outstanding issues at the FCC with scholarly research. On the topic of media issues, localism in media mergers was discussed, including whether this is a relevant issue in the current economic and social environment. Broadband and advanced services and trends in their adoption were also discussed. International benchmarking challenges the conventional wisdom that the United States is falling behind the rest of the world in the use of these services. Issues of intercarrier compensation were examined, and new techniques for conducting research in the area were discussed.

May 2004 - Competition in Networking: Wireless and Wireline (London, UK) - This research conference was co-sponsored by the University of Florida's PURC, PPRC, and CIBER and the Global Communications Consortium at the London Business School. This annual telecommunications conference brings together some of the best international researchers on communications issues. The papers presented for discussion examined network interconnection, competition within traditional markets and competition from new technologies, and management of radio spectrum. PURC researcher Rich Gentry presented the paper "Explaining CLEC survival through resource stocks—the power of being nimble & rich," which he is co-authoring with PURC Director Mark Jamison. Sixty people attended the conference, representing academia, industry and regulatory agencies.


December 2003 - PURC co-sponsored a workshop titled "Formulating a Research Agenda for Communication Policy" at the FCC. The purpose of the workshop was to give academic and government economists an opportunity to discuss research needs.

November 2003 - In collaboration with UF's Center for African Studies, PURC helped sponsor the 2003 Claude Ake Scholar and Dr. Sanford Berg served as a mentor for Ebrahim Harvey of Witwatersrand University during his stay at the University of Florida (November 2-6). Mr. Harvey's research concerns the installation of pre-paid water meters in Soweto. The Center for African Studies has formed the African Waters Group to promote research exchange and collaboration on a broad range of water issues across the continent to build institutional capacity for the sustainable use of water resources in Africa.

October 2003 - 2003 Frontiers in Managing Reform and Regulation of Infrastructure Utilities in Africa

September 2003 - The Public Utility Research Center supported the international conference, Global Developments in Water Industry Performance Benchmarking, in Perth, Australia; Dr. Sanford Berg delivered a keynote presentation, "The Art and Science of Benchmarking." An article based on the presentation was printed in the Sept. 2004 issue of Water Journal. A paper by the same name is available through the research papers search engine.

May 2003 - 2nd Annual Energy Regulators Regional Association Conference on Energy Regulation and Investment (Budapest, Hungary) PURC was a co-sponsor of this conference at which Paul Sotkiewicz attended sessions on regional power trading initiatives and on competition in the newly forming regional electricity markets. He met with regulators from the region as well as representatives from NARUC and USAID, which were also co-sponsors.

April 2003 - PURC in Texas, 3rd Annual Global Wireless Internet Forum - Dr. Mark Jamison moderated the panel, "Global Mobility Solutions: Continuous Evolution of Next-Gen Mobile Technologies, Interfaces, Licensing and Services" at the North Texas Global Telecommunications Association event which PURC co-sponsored along with the UF Center for International Business Education and Research. PURC also co-sponsored the association's annual conference on telecommunications in Latin America.


September 2002 - 2002 Frontiers in Managing Reform and Regulation of Infrastructure Utilities in Africa

September 2002 - "Formulating a Research Agenda for Communications Policy" - PURC co-sponsored a workshop Washington, D.C. with UF's Public Policy Research Center and Michigan State University's Quello Center. The workshop identified research needs in broadband deployment, wireline competition, spectrum assignment and allocation, and media competition. Attendees included senior FCC staff, Department of Justice economists, and leading academics.

March 2002 - Frontiers in Managing Reform and Regulation in the Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications and Water Industries in Africa

February 2002 - Competition in Wireless: Spectrum, Service, and Technology Wars" - PURC co-sponsored this research conference with the London Business School. PURC secured for speakers from Verizon, the US Department of Commerce, various universities, and national regulatory agencies in Brazil, Germany, and Morocco.


2001-2004 - Curriculum development for NetTel@Africa, a 3-year collaboration starting in 2001 - Assisted the University of Botswana, African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute (AFRALTI), University of Dar es Salaam, University of Fort Hare, University of South Africa, University of Western Cape, University of Witwatersrand, and University of Zambia in writing post-baccalaureate and master's degree curricula on telecommunications policy. Developed interactive spreadsheets to simulate alternative forms of regulation.

November 2001 - PURC co-sponsored the Global Wireless Internet Forum with the North Texas Global Telecommunications Society. The forum examined technology and business trends.

September 2001 - 2001 Frontiers in Managing Reform and Regulation of Infrastructure Utilities in Africa

September 2001 - International Telecommunications Society European Conference (Ireland). "Rivalry Through Alliances: Competitive Strategy In the Global Telecommunications Market" PURC faculty conducted a telecommunications competition tutorial for European telecommunications regulators in conjunction with the International Telecommunications Society conference. The tutorial examined a case study in interconnection and a case study in assessing competition.

July 2001 - International Telecommunications Society Asia-Pacific Conference (Hong Kong, China) "Rivalry Through Alliances: Competitive Strategy In the Global Telecommunications Market" - PURC faculty assisted the Hong Kong Office of Telecommunications Authority in conducting its first Telecommunications Industry Seminar for service providers and regulators in the region. PURC sponsored a workshop on competition and interconnection for telecommunications regulators and industry in Hong Kong in collaboration with the Hong Kong Office of Telecommunications Authority, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Delft University of Technology.

May 2001 - Corporate Control and Industry Structure in Global Communications (London, United Kingdom) - PURC partnered with the London Business School and the Global Communications Consortium (GCC) to co-sponsor a conference, Corporate Control and Industry Structure in Global Communications. The two-day event focused on the evolution of industry structure, efficiency, and market power in the telecommunications sector. Leading experts discussed technological change, privatization, competition, and regulation. GCC is the major European academic business research program, analyzing key issues facing communications providers.


September 2000 - International Institute of Communications (Tampa, Florida) - PURC was a co-host of this forum where approximately 200 corporate executives, managers, researchers, academics, lawyers, government policymakers and regulators from numerous countries gathered to discuss regulation, convergence and development.

March 2000 - First Annual International Conference on Infrastructure (Tampa, Florida) - Co-sponsored by CIBER and PURC, the conference examined business and investment opportunities in Latin American infrastructure markets. International experts discussed recent and developing trends affecting markets, investors, companies, and partnerships. At the conference, the Warrington College of Business presented its first Annual International Business Leadership Award. Other sponsors included NORTEL, Sprint, AT&T, TECO, NERA, LatinFinance, CEER, Wireless Week, and Lucent.

February 2000 - Workshop on University-Business Collaboration - Mark Jamison and academic advisor for, organized this event on the UF campus to explore types of university and business collaborations that foster global competitiveness of technology businesses.

January 2000 - Latin American Forum on Communications (Miami, Florida) - PURC, Nortel Networks, and co-sponsored a forum for leading communications policy makers from Spanish-speaking Latin American countries. Activities included presentations by international experts, panels of fellows covering issues and best practices, e-business demonstrations, and roundtable discussions to explore problems, policy options, and implementation hurdles. Sessions covered such topics as e-business, industry convergence, and industry consolidation. Following the conference, PURC and infoDev of the World Bank co-sponsored an online discussion for the LAFC participants.


April 1999 - Caribbean Forum for Telecommunications Policy and Regulation - This forum in Miami brought together regulators from Caribbean nations to share information about developing telecommunications policy and to construct models for introducing competition. PURC and USAID partnered with the Caribbean Telecommunications Union to facilitate a continued discussion of critical issues for national policy. The CTU coordinates activities of government agencies in the region.


October 1998 - International Symposium: Current Developments in Contracting and Regulation - Co-sponsored by PURC, CIRANO (University of Montreal), and IDEI (University of Toulouse), the focus of this symposium in Toulouse, France was the exchange of research on regulation and industrial organization.


February 1997 - International Symposium: Current Developments in Contracting and Regulation - Co-sponsored by PURC, CIRANO (University of Montreal), and IDEI (University of Toulouse), the focus of this symposium in Gainesville was the exchange of research on regulation and industrial organization.


November 1996 - PURC and the Florida Public Service Commission partnered to offer in Tallahassee three events: Industry Structure-Additional Perspectives in July; Impact of Federal Initiatives in Florida in September; and Catalysts for Change in the Electric Industry.

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