Sedona: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sedona?

The Sedona application is a database tool used to assess and track accreditation and academic activity within the Warrington College of Business. Sedona is primarily used by faculty and program administrators. Faculty members can independently modify information specific to themselves or programs of which they are members. Here, you will find basic information on how to navigate and modify information within Sedona.

How do I log in to Sedona?

To use the Sedona system, go to

Account type: Member
Member ID or Email Address: (your email address)
Password: Your UFID+UFL (until you change it)
(ex: 12345678UFL)

How do I navigate in Sedona?

Refer to the Sedona Handbook for an overview of how to navigate Sedona, change your password, edit and view your profile, and add and manage activities, credentials, and written work.

What if I forget my password?

To reset your password, contact Mike King by email (mike.king at, or phone, 352-273-4953.

Where do I find the template to complete my faculty annual report?

The faculty annual report template is updated nightly with data from Sedona.

The content that populates the Faculty Annual Report template is found on Sedona under Templates | Reports > Faculty Annual Report.

When do my activities display on the annual report?

The annual report only displays activities for the current academic school year:

  • Publications (articles, books, chapters, cases, etc.) display on the annual report for the academic year they are accepted not published. If the publication is accepted and published in the same year, be sure to save the activity as accepted.
  • Proceedings display based on the academic year they are published.
  • Presentations display on the annual report based on the academic year they are presented. Conference paper presentations are counted as an academic activity even if your co-author does the presentation.
How do my activities in Sedona impact my AQ/PQ (SP, IP, SA, PA) score?

You can find your AQ/PQ score card on the Sedona menu under Templates | Reports. See the Faculty Qualifications for metrics and definitions, including Sedona map information.

How do I input my committee participation?

College and University committee participation that is published on the MyWarrington website will be input to Sedona by the Sedona administrator. The Sedona administrator also inputs the College PhD Dissertation Committee participation.

All other committee activity is entered by the faculty member in Sedona under Service Activities (Community, Institutional or Professional).


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