Management Communication:
An Essential Skill

With the rise of the information economy, strong communication skills are more crucial in business and industry alike. The Warrington College of Business recognized this need in 1998, when the College made management communication courses compulsory for all Florida MBA programs. In response to demands from Florida graduates and the business community, the College created the Management Communication Center. Today, undergraduates and graduate students in a variety of programs take core courses in speaking and writing in business, as well as advanced courses in writing and in using persuasive methods drawn from affective neuroscience, anthropology, and cognitive psychology.

The Management Communication Center aims to equip business students with the skills necessary to

  • understand and employ audience analysis and communication strategy
  • communicate effectively using constantly evolving technology
  • attain proficiency at all levels of interpersonal communication
  • recognize and use communication ethics
  • communicate successfully in multi-cultural, cross-disciplinary teams
  • write fluently, clearly, and efficiently using a wide array of genres in business communication, from email memos to proposals and performance evaluations.

As a result, our students possess the communication skills necessary to succeed in any business environment.

Mission Statement

The Management Communication Center aims to equip undergraduates and graduates in business with the strong communication skills they require to succeed in our information economy. The Center emphasizes a wide range of essential communication strategies. Its courses instruct business students in the optimal use of written, oral, and non-verbal communication to meet workplace demands. Courses integrate the latest research to examine methods for presenting information persuasively, addressing diverse audiences, and adapting messages to suit a spectrum of technological demands.