Heavener Career Week - Spring 2017

Why Participate?

Inspire students, expand recruitment opportunities and enhance on-campus presence.

Heavener Career Week is designed to provide companies access to top business students. Attracting over 1,500 business students annually, the event hosts an average of 15 employer sessions daily. Companies present a 50-minute session on career topic of their choice with a group between 10 to 50 students. Topics range from career paths, diversity in the workforce, interviewing, and company culture. Companies will have opportunities to recruit students for internships and full-time positions, while enhancing on-campus brand visibility. Two employer-student mixers provide sponsoring companies a unique way to engage exclusively with top business and accounting students.

COMPANY REGISTRATION: Contact Craig Petrus at (craig.petrus at

Company Session FAQs

Sponsorship Opportunities

Hosting one session at HCW is free for invited companies. Companies desiring to attend either/both student mixers or host two or more sessions are encouraged to become a stakeholder for our event. Sponsoring increases company visibility to students and creates more meaningful interactions with top business and accounting majors. Your gift also provides recruiters with session day/time scheduling preferences and strategic marketing campaigns for each session you host.

Contact: Stacey Willenborg at (stacey.willenborg at

Sponsorship Packages