Module Dates

Graduate accounting courses are offered in a modular format. To facilitate the modular format, ONE.UF will not prevent students from enrolling in two or more courses that meet at the same time. Students are responsible for ensuring that course conflicts do not exist.

Dates relevant to module courses are not the same as the normal University Academic Calendar. Use the tables below to find important dates for modular courses. For important dates for semester long courses, consult the UF Registrar's website for academic calendars.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Modules?
Modules divide the semester into two halves. The first half of the Fall term is Module One and the second half is Module Two. Similarly, the first half of the Spring semester is Module Three and the second half is Module Four. Module courses are seven weeks long, plus an additional week for exams. There is typically a week break between modules.
How can I determine which courses are modular and in which module a course is offered?
The University Schedule of Courses does not communicate information regarding modules. This information is provided on the MyFisher link on the School's webpage under the Graduate Accounting Availability, Graduate Approved Electives, and Graduate Core Courses links.
Why do some modules begin earlier than the University Academic calendar?
To ensure sufficient contact time in class, graduate modules frequently begin before the University calendar. Important dates for module courses are not posted on the University Academic calendar and can only be found on this website.
I registered for a Module 2 (or 4) course at the beginning of the semester, but no longer plan to take the class. How do I drop the course before the module begins?

You can adjust your schedule using ONE.UF any time before the drop/add deadline. Schedule adjustment drop/add deadlines are listed below.

Remember even though you can use ONE.UF to adjust your schedule, you must still meet all course prerequisites, and there must be seats available in the section you seek to add. Also, some approved electives require you to seek help to add certain courses to your schedule—this still applies. The comment section on the approved elective page instructs you who to contact for help with these courses.

I registered and paid for a Module 2 or 4 course at the beginning of the semester, but will be dropping the course during schedule adjustment. When can I expect to receive a refund?
Refunds for Module 2 or 4 courses dropped during schedule adjustment typically take two weeks to process and are added to your Student Financial Services account. For questions about fees, report to S113 Criser Hall.
During Module 2/4 schedule adjustment I dropped a 2 credit module and added a two credit module. Why did I receive a bill from financial services?
Even if you are adding a course and dropping a course with the same number of credits, material and supply fees may not be the same amount for all courses, and you may owe money to Student Financial Services. For questions about fees, report to S113 Criser Hall.
I added a course during the Module 2/4 schedule adjustment period. When must the additional tuition and fees be paid?
To avoid a late fee, all amounts due must be paid by the "fees due date" listed below. Note that if you get tickets to sporting events, fees due will have to be paid prior to picking up the tickets. For questions about fees, report to S113 Criser Hall.

Important Module Dates for Graduate Courses

  • Spring 2018

    Important Module Dates - Spring 2018
    October 30, 2017 Spring 2018 Advanced Registration begins for Accounting and Business Core Courses (at assigned time)
    December 4, 2017 Spring 2018 Regular Registration begins for Graduate Approved Electives
    January 8 Module 3 Classes begin
    January 8-12 Module 3 and 4 drop/add (drop a class or change sections)
    January 13-March 16 Module 4 Schedule Adjustment - Online through ONE.UF
    January 19 Spring fees due by 3:30pm
    February 2 Spring last day for Degree Applications (by 5:00pm)
    February 16 Deadline to drop a Module 3 class (with fee liability, “W” assigned)
    February 23 Module 3 classes end
    Feb. 26-March 2 Module 3 Final Exam Week
    March 5-9 Spring Break
    March 12 Module 4 classes begin
    March 16 End of Module 4 drop/add
    March 23 Module 4 drop/add fee adjustment due (by 3:30pm)
    April 20 Deadline to drop a Module 4 class (with fee liability, “W” assigned)
    April 27 Module 4 classes end
    April 30-May 4 Module 4 Final Exams


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