Florida Accounting Symposium

The Fisher School of Accounting hosted the 2nd Annual Florida Accounting Symposium on Sept. 18-19.

The Symposium is hosted by the University of Florida, Florida State University and the University of Miami with each school hosting the event every three years. The Symposium is an opportunity for the state’s accounting professors—especially junior faculty and doctoral students—to share research and interact with each other. Last year’s inaugural event was held in Miami.

About 60 scholars attended the event, representing UF, FSU, Miami, Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, the University of Central Florida and the University of South Florida.

The 2016 Symposium will take place in Tallahassee.

2015 Papers Presented

  1. The PCAOB risk-based inspection program: An assessment of its ability to communicate and promote audit quality.
    Jared Eutsler (University of Central Florida)
  2. If you want my advice: Status motives and audit consultations about accounting estimates.
    Justin Leiby (University of Florida)
  3. Qualitative management disclosures and market sentiment.
    Khrystyna Bochkay (University of Miami)
  4. Using unstructured and qualitative disclosures to explain accruals.
    Joshua Lee (Florida State University)
  5. Stockholders’ reference-dependent preferences and the market reaction to financial disclosures.
    Eric Weisbrod (University of Miami)
  6. Clawback provisions: How sharp are the claws? An analysis of the deterrence effectiveness of voluntary clawback provisions.
    Allison K. Beck (Florida State University)
  7. Is earnings guidance associated with less firm innovation?
    Kelly Huang and Brent Lao (Florida International University)


2014 Papers Presented

  1. The Relative Contributions of Value Relevance and Mispricing to the Pricing of Abnormal Accruals
    Frank Heflin and James Moon (Florida State University)
  2. The Effect of Financial Analysts' Information Demand on Management Guidance: An examination of analysts' information environment
    Orie Barron (Penn State University), Jian Cao (Florida Atlantic University), Maya Thevenot (Florida Atlantic University) and Baohua Xin (University of Toronto)
  3. Auditor Networks and Tax Avoidance: Evidence from private firms
    Pietro Bianchi, Diana Falsetta, Miguel Minutti Meza and Eric Weisbrod (University of Miami)
  4. Scoundrels or Stars? Theory and Evidence on the use of online laborers in accounting research
    Anne Farrel, Jonathan Grenier (Miami University), Justin Leiby (University of Florida)
  5. Come on Over: Analyst/Investor Day as a Disclosure Medium
    Marcus Kirk (University of Florida) and Stanimir Markov (Southern Methodist University)
  6. An Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Financial Incentives and Mutual Shared Interest on Honesty
    Charles Boster (University of South Carolina), Michael Majerczyk (Georgia State University) and Yu Tian (University of Central Florida)


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