Florida Accounting Symposium

(September 15-16, 2017, Coral Gables, FL)


2017 Florida Accounting Symposium Registration Form

Call for Papers

Accounting researchers from all accounting Ph.D. granting institutions within Florida are invited to submit manuscripts to the fourth annual Florida Accounting Symposium (FAS). The FAS’ objective is to facilitate the interaction of accounting researchers (especially junior faculty and doctoral students) and the exchange of research ideas in the great Sunshine State. The University of Florida, Florida State University, and University of Miami will take turns hosting the annual FAS. The fourth conference will be held on September 15-16 in Coral Gables, Florida.

The 2017 FAS submission deadline is July 16, 2017. Papers will be selected by the Program Committee. Submitting authors will be notified of the program committee’s decisions no later than August 11.

Both accounting faculty and doctoral students from accounting Ph.D. granting institutions within Florida are invited to attend the conference. Registration before August 20 is required but no registration fee is charged. The conference will start with lunch at noon on Friday, September 15, and end right after lunch on Saturday, September 16. We will follow the same conference format as last year. Please see the archive below for last year’s conference program, and for this year’s hotel information, registration forms, and the conference program (which will be posted in mid-August).

For submissions and questions, please contact:
DJ Nanda
University of Miami
Phone: (305) 284-3122
Email (dnanda at business.miami.edu)

Program Committee for the 2017 FAS:
Stephen Asare, University of Florida
Bruce Billings, Florida State University
Diana Falsetta, University of Miami
Rick Morton, Florida State University
Dhananjay (DJ) Nanda, University of Miami
Jennifer Wu Tucker, University of Florida


2016 Program and Papers Presented

2015 Program and Papers Presented

2014 Program and Papers Presented

2014 Florida Accounting Symposium Program
2014 Papers Presented
  1. The Relative Contributions of Value Relevance and Mispricing to the Pricing of Abnormal Accruals
    Frank Heflin and James Moon (Florida State University)
  2. The Effect of Financial Analysts' Information Demand on Management Guidance: An examination of analysts' information environment
    Orie Barron (Penn State University), Jian Cao (Florida Atlantic University), Maya Thevenot (Florida Atlantic University) and Baohua Xin (University of Toronto)
  3. Auditor Networks and Tax Avoidance: Evidence from private firms
    Pietro Bianchi, Diana Falsetta, Miguel Minutti Meza and Eric Weisbrod (University of Miami)
  4. Scoundrels or Stars? Theory and Evidence on the use of online laborers in accounting research
    Anne Farrel, Jonathan Grenier (Miami University), Justin Leiby (University of Florida)
  5. Come on Over: Analyst/Investor Day as a Disclosure Medium
    Marcus Kirk (University of Florida) and Stanimir Markov (Southern Methodist University)
  6. An Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Financial Incentives and Mutual Shared Interest on Honesty
    Charles Boster (University of South Carolina), Michael Majerczyk (Georgia State University) and Yu Tian (University of Central Florida)


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